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Empowering Marketing Agencies With PPC Sales Courses

The Compass PPC Sales courses are designed to prepare your sales team with the skills, answers, and approaches they need to find, nurture and close leads.
Throughout these courses, your team will learn how to sell pay-per-click advertising by effectively handling PPC objections, pitching new and relevant Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook products, upselling current clients to maintain profitability, and much more.


Academy Courses for Marketing Agencies

Academy is a collection of courses designed to share knowledge and develop skills so that agencies can grow their business and expand their service portfolios. We cover every important element of the customer lifecycle, from prospecting to closing, and share our experience pitching Google, Microsoft, and Facebook PPC products.

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Choose Your Courses in the Academy Library

Every member of a sales team has a different set of skills and brings their own experiences to the table. Some are starting with no knowledge of PPC while others are industry veterans. How can you provide training when there is so much disparity between team members?

Academy for Agencies by Compass allows every member of your team to go at their own pace and focus on the courses that will provide the most immediate benefit.

You might, for example, start with some of the courses listed here:


The fifth stage of the customer lifecycle is upselling. Upselling is a must to maintain profitability and ensure…

Partners Course SeriesIntermediate

Pitching Discovery Ads

The audience that Discovery ads can reach is highly valuable and new to Google Ads. Pitch Discovery campaigns to…

Pitching Series Google Ads


Prospecting clients is a process within an agency that also launches a client relationship. This course will also be…

Partners Course SeriesIntermediate

The Foundation of an Effective PPC Sales Process

The knowledge and skills you gain through our Academy are just the first steps toward PPC sales success.

Compass also provides a wide range of tools and resources to help your team continue to optimize their processes and grow your agency.

These features include:

Get started with the Academy today and discover how you can get the most out of every feature of Compass.

Real-life Solutions

Matt Craig - Plente Agency

“I definitely would recommend Compass to other marketing agencies, from a communication, outsourcing, and scaling PPC standpoint it’s extremely useful. The biggest asset has been you guys being able to build out proposals and strategies for the client without me having to be directly involved. That has been great”

– Matt Craig | Plente Agency

Matt Craig - Plente Agency

Deliver the Perfect PPC Sales Pitch

Academy for Agencies by Compass will begin teaching you how to sell PPC advertising and master the art of pitching the right services to the right prospect at the right time.

You can give your sales team an edge in a competitive marketplace by arming them with the answers to common and uncommon questions and building a strong foundation of PPC knowledge.

Academy for Agencies by Compass is an effective and powerful way to level up your PPC sales team.

Access The All-in-One PPC Marketing Solution

You can use Compass to pitch, sell, and provide PPC on a new level. The Academy is intended to prepare you for the PPC sales world, and Compass can give you the tools to consistently grow your agency and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Get a demo of our PPC software today and discover the difference for yourself.

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