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Generate PPC Sales Proposals in Minutes

Your PPC sales strategy requires a top-notch PPC proposal.
Use our white-label PPC Proposal Generator to quickly and easily create custom proposals that include account audits, takeover strategies, competitor research, market opportunities, and budget recommendations.

Convert Leads to Clients with Your Proposals

You can white-label your proposals when you pitch Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising products with Compass by White Shark Media.

We make it easy to produce crisp, clean, and complete proposals for every one of your leads. You can use a customizable template to take advantage of new opportunities and share the data that converts leads to clients faster.

Generate Proposals
Within Minutes

Identify Pain Points
for Prospects

Brand Work With
White Label Feature

PPC Sales Quick Quotes

Yes, the Compass Proposal Generator will save you time and money, but it does so much more.

You’ll also equip your PPC sales team with high-performing materials for prospect meetings because these proposals can pull together all the information you need to close the deal. This includes:

  • Target Location
  • Search Volume
  • Keywords
  • Competitors
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Lead Projections

Comprehensive PPC Sales Proposals

You will be able to see exactly what an effective PPC proposal looks like before you start generating your own.

As part of the Compass package, our Market Research Team will produce a Comprehensive Proposal that includes an in-depth analysis of an industry and a competitive marketing strategy.

This 30-page document contains:

  • Market Research
  • Industry Trends
  • Search Volume
  • Proposed Strategy
  • In-depth Competitors Analysis
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Lead Projections

Part of a Complete PPC Sales Enablement Tool

The Proposal Generator is just one feature of Compass that can help grow your agency.
All of these elements together form a powerful sales enablement tool that can help you optimize your processes and grow your agency.

Compass also includes:

Our specialists can work with you to ensure that your team is getting the most out of every feature of Compass.

Your proposal is the first step toward closing a sale. Make sure you have all the tools you need to optimize every pitch and shorten the entire sales process.

Real-life Solutions

“Very straightforward, great tool, simple to use to anyone even though you are not a PPC expert. What would take us 1 ½ hour to create, this proposal engine does it in 10 minutes”

– Stormie Andrews | Yokel Local

Deliver the Perfect PPC Sales Pitch

The Compass Proposal Generator makes it easy to master the art of pitching and selling pay-per-click services.

You can give your sales team everything they need to understand and feel confident with the services they’re pitching. They’ll be prepared to answer common and uncommon questions while building a foundation for a successful PPC campaign.

It only takes minutes to produce a PPC sales pitch that addresses your clients’ pain points, highlights your abilities, and provides a foundation for your strategies.

Access The All-in-One PPC Marketing Solution

You can use Compass to pitch, sell, and provide PPC on a new level. The Proposal Generator can help you streamline your sales process and improve your bottom line with every new client you bring on board.

Get a demo of our PPC software today and discover the difference for yourself.

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