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The Complete PPC Account Audit Tool

Our PPC management software gives your sales team the ability to generate immediate account performance audits, identify opportunities for improvements, and make insightful recommendations for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts.

Compass makes PPC audits simple and effective, so you can quickly deliver critical information to your potential clients. Get a free demo today and discover new ways to improve your sales process.

The Benefits for Your Sales Team

The Compass PPC audit tool makes it easy to create on-the-spot audits that detail a wide range of potential opportunities for campaign improvements. This single tool can guide your team through the entire deal cycle with quality sales content.

You can start to root out inefficiencies in campaigns, bring up new areas of opportunities, and leverage new features and trends.

An effective audit has to go deep into the account to find these new avenues of growth, and Compass makes it possible for your sales team to do it all.

White-Labeled PPC Tools

You can customize this PPC management software with your brand, color, logo, and domain to make it your own.

Guest Audits for Lead Gen

Invite prospects to generate detailed and actionable audits under your brand. Copies of audits will be sent directly to your sales reps.

Ready-to-Export PDF Reports

Download the recommendations in an easy-to-read PDF that bridges the knowledge gap between marketing experts and your sales team.

The View From Above

The Compass UI was designed to help your team get all the information they need at a glance. How well does the potential client’s account stack up? What kind of engagement are they seeing? Where are the opportunities for growth?

Want to see it in action? Get a demo today and discover a more effective way to manage your PPC audits.

Get a Tour of Compass Sales Enablement
Software Today

In today’s marketplace, your sales team must be able to deliver highly detailed information at a moment’s notice. Your potential customers have high expectations, and that means you need some powerful PPC tools to stay ahead of the competition.

The Compass Audit Engine is an opportunity to empower your sales team with
actionable insights and detailed reports.

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