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Maximizing Scalability Through White Label SaaS

Lauren Lawson 2 months ago Sales Enablement

What if you could leverage an all-in-one platform that has everything you need to sell PPC. From white-label PPC audits to a proposal engine and a sales collateral library to provide white label PPC marketing material for your sales team and clients?

White-label SaaS can do this for you. Software as a service (SaaS) is usually a combination of software and supporting services that can be entirely white-labeled for your agency’s convenience and benefit your client acquisition.

Deeper Into White Label Software

How does White Label Saas Work

White label software allows you to use its platform and services and rebrand it for your prospects and clients.

The beauty of this is that SaaS platforms and services are typically holistic solutions that can help your agency’s efficiency when it comes to operation, acquisition, and client experience and are available with a subscription at a fraction of the cost of traditional software and products.

All-in-One PPC Marketing Platform for Sales Enablement

Why White-Label SaaS?

Not many agencies have in-house developers to create their software solutions from scratch, and subscribing to white label SaaS makes more sense when you tie it to user experience, time, expertise, and cost.

Enhance Client Experience

A white-label SaaS investment can support your agency in delivering a quality experience for the digital marketing services you offer to your clients. It can provide enhanced value throughout their lifecycle and exceed their expectations.

Improve customer experience chart

Minimize Cost and Time

One of SaaS’s advantages is that it is cloud-based, and there is no need to install the software, hence the accessible cost.

From another perspective, using white-label SaaS can reduce the amount of in-house resources you need for client experience and save them time to devote to areas that have higher priority, such as client communication and business objectives reviews.

Ease of Use

Many start-up digital marketing agencies do not have the expertise to build an in-house SaaS. It is ideal to opt for white label SaaS, where most white-label SaaS are developed with user-friendliness in mind to give you and your clients the simplicity of logging in and using. So even if you are an agency with no expertise, SaaS can make you seem like an expert.

Choosing A SaaS Product That Works For You

When seeking a white-label SaaS product that will tie into your business model, lower costs, enhance the client experience and save you time, you need to consider the following before fully acquiring the SaaS product and launching it with your services.

Pinpoint What Your Digital Marketing Service Needs

Researching for the ideal white-label SaaS product is the most challenging part; however, once you find the perfect match that can meet your agency objectives and clients’ needs and more, then it’s all free-falling from there.

Always Request A Demo and If Possible A Free Trial

As with anything that you will invest in, you shouldn’t go without testing first; you must be confident that your agency is a good fit for the SaaS solution and that it will be worth fitting into your service workflow.

Ensuring that a good client experience comes with its use is of utmost importance because, in the end, it is your agency brand that will be on it.

Payment Modality

The cost of white-label SaaS products usually is subscription-based on a month-to-month basis. Some come with options to pay annually and include unlimited users, while others don’t. So finding out which payment modality and features best suit your agency’s budget and scope is crucial upon signing an agreement.

Does The Provider Share Your Vision of Success?

If the white label SaaS provider you partner with shares similar goals and vision, you’re in the right lane. You can count on the fact that they took into account goals, vision, and challenges similar to yours as they developed their white label SaaS product.

Here’s What To Look Out For

It’s easier to opt for a white-label SaaS solution than to build one from scratch, but this comes with sacrificing what we all like, control. No one said that the ideal white-label SaaS product for your agency would come without challenges. A couple of common roadblocks you can anticipate are:


It doesn’t come with a manual on integrating its software into the pricing for your services; it will take some market research to ensure you are competitive enough yet making a decent profit margin that pairs with your agency revenue goals.

All-in-One PPC Marketing Platform for Sales Enablement

The Value of Your Service With SaaS

Ensure that the white label SaaS product you end up with is compatible with your services and adds value that helps your services stand out in the crowd versus being comparable to free solutions.

Fast Track Scalability For Your Agency

Adapting to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape is hard enough, so leveraging a white-label SaaS partner doesn’t seem far-fetched as you think, especially if it will benefit you in the long run.

We’ll make it easy for you; all you need to give us is 30 minutes of your time to walk you through a white-label solution that will flip your perspective on what you think is your ideal white-label SaaS product. See how your agency changes its timeline of targeting goals with an innovative solution such as Compass for your PPC management service.