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PPC Experts Reveal 3 Tips to Pitch PPC Services

Antonella Saravia 3 years ago Sales Consultation
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PPC is helping businesses reach a whole new audience. If there has ever been a time for pay-per-click services, it’s right now. However, even as traditional marketing dollars continue to move online, some businesses end up closing their doors.

Nothing is ever simple.

Don’t fret. Our strategists have been working closely with our partners to nail down some of the new obstacles and approaches to navigate these times and ensure that those marketing dollars are headed your way.

Below, we’re sharing three tricks that our sales experts rely on when they pitch ppc. These methods and strategies can lead to new opportunities for your team and help address any sales process hangups.

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1. To Pitch PPC Services, Find a PPC User

We’ve all heard the bit about needing a job to find one. This is a little like that. Many digital agencies come to us wondering how to fill their pipeline with qualified leads. You can start by finding businesses that include PPC in their digital marketing strategy.

A business that already invests in PPC is far more likely to understand the value of your services already. From here, you can advance directly to industry insights or opportunities that your team could provide.

PPC Proposal

That’s a quick way to get someone’s attention and only requires half the work.

2. Fine-Tune Your Sales Pitch

Everybody wants to make a profit. Regardless of the business’s industry or size, anyone presented with a proper way of increasing their profit will listen to a well-crafted sales pitch. Here are a few elements that can help you sell PPC:

Do you want to display your ads before dinner time? You can. Do you want to focus on certain areas in town? Yep. Can you cap budgets? Sure. For anyone who is investing in traditional media, seeing these kinds of benefits in your sales pitch is mind-blowing.

3. Perfecting Responses to Objections

Closing the Sales Deal: How to Handle Objections Effectively

To pitch PPC effectively, you need to know the common objections and how to counter them. Here are some examples:

PPC Is Expensive!

Compared to what? If your client considers your services “expensive,” it’s essential to understand what they are comparing it to. A mastery of the industry will help you explain how and why your particular services may be more expensive than other marketing methods. Still, the results are also much more profitable.

But what can you do if your prospect’s funds are limited or the budget has already been allocated?

PPC services are in high demand and help them reach their objectives, so stick to your pitch. Communicate the value of your services and stress your knowledge of the industry. Even if they cannot sign on with your digital marketing agency, this could be a future opportunity in the works.

Where Is the Value of PPC Advertising?

Add some perspective when this comes up. Place a value on partnering with the right agency and getting their digital strategies on course. Additionally, review past frustrations and be proactive about how you will tackle them.

Feeling like they have experts on their side will let the value of your services sink in.

We touched on three of the common objections that stop sales teams dead in their tracks in a previous post. Check it out to learn about the PPC sales objections above in greater depth.

Our 4th and unofficial tip for pitching PPC is getting to know the industry’s ins and outs before we wrap up.

At White Shark Media, training quickly became part of our blueprint. Our strategists and our sales personnel continuously train on strategies, trends, and new products and tools to formulate innovative ways to tackle many of the issues that arise like the ones above.

If you are eager to train your sales team and scale your agency with in-depth courses, check out our Academy for Partners.


Now, more than ever, PPC services are helping businesses connect with their target audiences and display their inventory. It isn’t easy to pitch investments to businesses, but many companies are listening.