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3 Questions to Ask Every PPC Software Provider

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago Sales Enablement

You Need a PPC Software

Even if you don’t know much about PPC, you know it’s pretty time consuming. From selling PPC to onboarding a new account to keyboard research to bidding against competitors to calculating your ROI to know if you’re even doing it right, PPC is a full time job. This is tough for you, because you already have a full time job- running your agency! Wouldn’t it be great if someone, or something, could handle PPC for you? This is precisely why many agencies just like you turn to PPC software.

The right PPC software takes all of the pain from selling and then managing a successful PPC campaign. PPC optimization tools are software solutions designed to make managing your campaigns easier and less time-consuming. There are many PPC softwares available to optimize your campaigns. If you want to see the maximum results possible, which means an easier day for you and a happier client as well, you want to use the right software. Your goal is to choose a PPC software provider that makes this possible.

3 Questions to Ask Potential PPC Software Providers

PPC management is a lot easier for you when done with an optimization tool. The question is- which one? There are many products out there, all claiming to be the best. This makes it difficult to choose the right one.

It’s not impossible, though. All it takes is asking the right questions. By asking three simple questions to your potential PPC software providers, you’ll be able to know whether their team and their tool is the right fit for your PPC needs:

Question #1 How Does This PPC Software Make Things Better for me?

In order to stay competitive in an ever-changing digital marketplace, your agency needs to constantly evaluate what a particular tool can do for your clients and as well as your own organization. Does the tool allow you to provide better results so that you can spend more budget and bring in more leads? How can you deploy it for your clients’ businesses that makes them more money, and therefore you more money as well? Does it save you time? Does it make your PPC efforts more successful?

This question is the first place to start, because you want to hear a really good answer to this. If it doesn’t make your day easier, your ads better, and your clients happier, what’s the point?

Question #2 What Does it do that Other PPC Software Solutions can’t?

There’s many PPC software options out there. You don’t want just anything on your team, you want the best of the best. The best PPC softwares have advanced capabilities that put the competition to shame. Prospective PPC software providers should be able to tell you what their tool can do that someone else can’t.

How are they different? How is their tool better? If they can’t answer this, why should you use their tool?

Question #3 What’s my Return on Investment?

Your clients regularly want to know the return on investment (ROI) of their PPC efforts. What about your ROI, though? For an agency like yours, returns can be driven by overheads. For instance, when an agency buys software that lets them do more with a smaller workforce, they’re bringing in more profit from their clients but not spending more. This boosts your ROI!

For many, this value comes in the form of time. Time is money, after all! PPC software that potentially saves your PPC team hours each week and allows you to focus on other tasks is one that is financially beneficial to you. Perhaps you can bring on more clients. You may be able to turn your attention to a different project, like building a website or crafting a drip email campaign, while the PPC software does some of the more mundane tasks for you. It may even be that you plain and simple need to take a break. You’ve been working hard and it’s time for your lunch break. You won’t need to hesitate to take a few minutes to yourself when you know the work is getting done correctly. A boost in your mental health is it’s own ROI! This value more often than not justifies the use of new PPC software.

Your PPC Software Solution: Compass by White Shark Media

While the list of questions you could ask a PPC software provider is endless, these three are some of the more critical ones to consider. You won’t learn everything you need to know from these three, but you’ll be off to a great start and possibly even eliminate some PPC software providers that you’re sure won’t fit your wants and needs. Go ahead and be choosy! After all, you’re putting your name behind the work this software does. It needs to be exceptional, nothing less.

It is time that you focus on the needs and goals of your clients, ask the right questions, and assess your options at length in order to make an informed purchase. When you’re ready to begin finding a PPC Software Provider and asking these questions, make the first team you contact White Shark Media!

Compass by White Shark Media is the PPC software solution you have been looking for. We’re not only happy to answer any of the above questions, we’re also more than willing to answer anything else you may be wondering about.

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What can our PPC software do for you? A lot! In fact, it’s much more than we can fit in one blog post. This is why we encourage you to reach out to us and request a demo. Once you see what our white labeled PPC software solution can do for you, you’ll know you’ve found the right provider. We’re sure of it!