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How To Start Up Your PPC Agency in 2021

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Enablement

We have been around for more than ten years and can honestly say that starting a PPC marketing agency is no walk in the park, especially if you anticipate staying in the game for more than a few years.

2021 has brought on quite the challenge yet known to the industry but opened up a whole new array of business opportunities ready to be taken advantage of by those prepared to scale.

To those getting out there to get a piece of the pie in digital marketing, know that it’s more than just managing accounts and providing good customer service. But it is getting organized with the operational needs and resources that go into discovering a repeatable and replicable foundation that sets the stage for consistent growth and scalability for your agency.

Build Off Your Niche

You want in on a secret? 1 out of 3 start-up agencies claims to have all digital marketing solutions under one roof, a farfetched reality. As a result, these companies provide mediocre services for a fraction of the price and have a hard time keeping their clients onboard.

Spreading your agency thin during sensitive times of start-up can be detrimental to its outcome. It will only become frustrating when you cannot settle into what seemed like a stupendous business idea.

There is no need to go crazy thinking that you have to cover all of your clients’ needs, start small, master what your team is great at, and then venture into other services and products you can expand on.

Become a top-of-mind agency for a service that you can overdeliver on and watch how meeting your business goals follows.

Offer A Plausible Pricing Model

Sitting at the same negotiating table and pitching your services and pricing yourself should emit a sense of trust and confidence that management fees are fair and have your best interest in mind. If you cannot sense this, then perhaps you should go back to the drawing board to revisit a more client-friendly model.

How Does Your agency Price Your Paid Search Services

No, I’m not saying you should set your pricing so low just to crowd please and that, in turn, you are sacrificing justifying the value of your services but meeting your prospect halfway to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Case Studies and Testimonials Are Gold

As soon as you get the chance, begin building your library of success stories and client testimonials. As the saying goes, “if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.

What will continuously seal the deal with your prospects is showcasing a reliable case study, especially if it falls within the same business industry as theirs.

“13% of marketers name case studies as one of the primary forms of media used within their content strategy.”

Pricing Tips for your PPC Marketing Agency

Efficient Management Promotes Growth

Suppose you have already ventured into offering additional services or products as a digital marketing agency. In that case, it’s time to evaluate how you acquire resources that have the right knowledge and skill set for delivering just as good quality as for your featured services.

Don’t fall prisoner of thinking you can handle everything and that your team can carry on additional tasks, which in turn can result in the render of mediocre service and, in the long run, stunt your growth projections.

Instead, think of the possibilities other than hiring new people

  • Outsource to white label agencies that specialize in the new product you want to offer.
  • Acquire digital marketing software and tools that can enhance your team’s efficiency.

Provide A Trustworthy Client Journey

The experience your prospects gain from their journey through your sales and onboarding process is what marks their impression of what they can expect from the future relationship they will build with you.

“Marketing strategies shift more to ongoing relationships rather than atomised transactions one.”

Establishing stable, simple, and assuring processes throughout the scope service is precisely what your clients need to fully trust that you’ll do the same when building a marketing plan and strategy.

Maximize Opportunities Through Existing Avenues

By now, you must know how difficult it is to acquire a fresh new lead, nurture it, and hope that they will end up opting for you as their agency. It’s worth mentioning that you should map out your sales team’s time wisely and make sure that a good portion is devoted to exploiting existing clients as much as possible and using the remaining to invest in the pursuit of new clients.

Growth is all about finding the most accessible and cost-effective revenue streams out there; upselling is the epitome of this.

White Label Services and Sales Enablement

Who said outsourcing couldn’t be innovative. You’d be surprised by the myriad of platforms and tools dedicated to start-up agencies like your own that could use an extra hand at lifting their digital marketing management to a level that supports agency growth.

It’s okay to delegate to someone who has the expertise in a service or product that is foreign to you. All it takes is proper research to make sure you choose the right partnership for white label services or a sales enablement platform that has the tools necessary to cover your needs to fulfill your development goals.

Your End Goal To Success

Remember these two factors when wanting to know if you can call victory to scalability for your agency:

  • Is it repeatable?
  • Is it replicable?

A Harvard Business Review concluded that in studying companies that sustained a high level of performance over many years, they found that more than 80% of them had this kind of well-defined and easily understood differentiation at the center of their strategy.

If you still haven’t reached fulfilling these, no need to fret; simply document the existing processes in place and map out a plan to make changes or improve them as needed.

One major component to help align process efficiency and provide consistent quality is automation.

When it comes to setting appointments, proposals, reporting, audits, and anything else that could potentially be automated and save valuable time, do it. It means you’re steps away from accomplishing scalability for your agency.

Cheers to Growth and Scalability

Can you see more clearly now? Organizing yourself on improvement areas and maximizing potential will only contribute to your agency goals.

Thinking smart and not hard puts mapping out your agency’s path to success more accessible to develop than it seemed. The most crucial part is that you find a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in support of a flourishing digital marketing agency.

We are so proud of how far we’ve gotten and wouldn’t want our experience to go unshared; if you’d like to hear all about it, let’s get in touch.