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How Sales Marketing Consultancy Opens Doors For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Chelsey Fox 2 years ago Sales Enablement

Today’s agencies are in a demanding industry. It seems like every day, you have to battle other agencies and freelancers trying to give your clients and potential clients something you can’t. How can you possibly stay up with it all?

One huge piece of the digital marketing puzzle is pay-per-click, or PPC ads. If you do not include PPC in your digital marketing strategy, you’re losing clients to those with a more robust set of offerings. Before we go any further into the solution, let’s first discuss why this is the case.

PPC is Essential to Your Agency’s Growth and Success

There are many powerful reasons to use PPC advertising for your agency and offer this service to your clients. Industry giant Search Engine Journal gives us seven main reasons PPC is essential to a digital marketing strategy.

  1. It contributes to business goals (no matter what they are!)
  2. Is both measurable and trackable
  3. Easy to get started with
  4. You control the spend
  5. Works well with other marketing channels
  6. It makes targeting the right audience easy
  7. Data shows you what you’re doing right and what can improve

We have to say, we agree with all of these and more! There is a plethora of data to back these up. According to PPC stats, paid advertisements redirect 65% of the traffic. To put it plainly, if you’re not making PPC a part of your end client’s digital marketing strategy, they are losing more than half of their potential website visitors.

Now that you understand how important PPC is, it is time to offer it to your clients and sell it to potential clients to bring them on board. How can you do so? It is not as impossible as it may seem. You simply need to learn how to offer digital marketing through sales consultation.

Why Does Your Team Need Sales Marketing Consultancy?

Digital marketing advertising has proven to be a reliable and profitable channel for thousands of companies in all industries seeking quick leads, high-quality traffic, and simple conversions.

Considering all the benefits offered through PPC, there’s little reason not to offer it to your clients as part of a complete digital marketing strategy. It is well past time to test it out to see where it can move the needle for your clients. Remember, one of its most significant selling points is that it helps them achieve their business goals, whether they want to get more leads or close more new customers. Another beneficial aspect of PPC is that you and your end-client gain a wealth of valuable data to inform any other marketing and optimization efforts. PPC is all backed by accurate numbers, not guesswork.

Onboarding New Clients

The only thing that remains to focus on now is how exactly you’ll bring PPC clients on board. You don’t want to use the same sales speech for a different service in your digital marketing strategy. It’s time you develop a well-done pitch as part of a PPC sales consultation.

Struggling to sell PPC, especially in the beginning, is pretty common. Our platform will show you account opportunities to take advantage of to show success. Using Compass, your sales team can shorten processes by generating audits and proposals. It will also make it easier to train your teams and leverage experts’ experience through consultations.

Think of our specialists as part of your team. When you use Compass, you also start working with our highly experienced PPC sales consultants today and rely on our practical expertise to hit all your goals and grow your agency. These consultations will help you confidently address all those potential concerns during the sales process so you can close more.

How Compass Makes Your PPC Sales Consultation Easy

A successful PPC sales consultation isn’t a suggestion; it’s essential to bringing in new clients. This means your agency’s growth and overall success in the marketplace depend on it. This is the perfect way to get the edge on your competition and optimize your sales funnel.

PPC sales pitch

Thankfully, this isn’t something you have to figure out on your own. Our experts have the resources and bandwidth to help streamline and optimize your sales efforts, and you’ll learn to use them all with your team through these consultations.

Leverage Sales Marketing Consultancy Like No Other

The right pitch makes bringing in new clients possible and overall easy. You’re looking for a sales enablement solution to help your team close more deals. That’s what Compass does! These consultations are an integral feature of White Shark Media’s Compass.

White Shark Media is here to help you determine what sales support you need to fortify your delivery and close each of the opportunities by preparing a pitch strategy for your prospects. If you would like, you and your sales team can even join our team on a call and discover new ways to engage with your leads. Often, listening to an expert in a real-world situation is an ideal way to make sure you are also pitching the right services in the right way.

Partner Up With Us

We have over ten years of experience developing top-tier digital marketing strategies in the industry. We understand the importance of closing quality deals fast. By working one-on-one with our sales experts to plan your agency’s growth and success, you review your current prospects, vertical strategies, pipeline opportunities, and best practices that help scale your business.

We’re here to teach you everything you need to know to improve your agency’s growth!