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Sales Enablement Tools Every Agency Dreams Of

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Enablement

A lot goes into the day-to-day operations of a digital marketing agency; trust me, we know. We have specifically seen the sales team’s time procuring collateral, proposals, emails, and research on the latest in PPC marketing. Without sales enablement tools, this process not only prolongs the sales cycle but, unfortunately, stunts your agency growth.

When sales are aligned with the ins and outs of pay-per-click marketing, it allows a better flow for client acquisition, giving leads a more valuable and personalized experience that will more likely turn into signing up for PPC services.

Getting to know your options regarding sales enablement tools and resources can help establish more effective and efficient ways to close more deals, grow and scale within a more targeted and strategic approach.

What Is PPC Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is your sales teams best friend, empowering them with knowledge and tools that, when paired up with digital marketing, can improve:

  • Prospect engagement earlier in the sales cycle.
  • Time the sales team spends on procuring content.
  • Client loyalty.
  • Inadequate and redundant PPC collateral.

It maximizes every PPC sales opportunity to reach customers more effectively and facilitates ensuring your sales team has reliable data and trends when pitching PPC services.

Agencies companies who achieve cohesiveness of sales enablement into their PPC services report generating 32% higher revenue and 38% higher sales win rates.

What You Need From A PPC Sales Enablement Tool/Platform

Having the right platform in place is a deal maker regarding the effectiveness of the sales enablement strategy. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for when searching for an all-in-one PPC sales enablement platform.

 76% of B2B buyers attend webinars

Audit Automation

Consumers nowadays live on acquiring services in a convenient, fast-paced market. Their attention span is limited, making your window of opportunity minimal when you’re trying to close a deal.

A client will not want to wait more than 48 hours for you to audit their account to give them your perspective on improvements, less be disappointed when you provide feedback they have already heard before and opportunities that are not so enticing.

If the technology you are leveraging supports a PPC audit tool that helps Google and Microsoft Ads accounts, this is one to check off your list.


Now this one’s a big must! Don’t think twice if you cannot leverage this through the sales enablement platform you are offering.

Key Components:

Search Volume:

Based on keywords in a particular location. Knowing search volume can give your realistic client expectations on traffic to their website.

Search Volume

Competitor Insights:

Showing the percentage of market share your client holds against their competitors gives a better perspective on pay-per-click advertising.

Competitor Insights

Keyword Research:

Choosing the best selection of keywords for your client’s campaign will influence the performance in the long run.

Keyword Research

Budget Recommendations:

Based on avg. CPC for their business industry and location. Suggesting different tiers of the budget shows the client you are mindful of their pocket.

Budget Recommendations

Lead Projection:

Projected performance is ideal, especially if you are using industry benchmarks. The client will be more inclined to agree to a higher budget.

Lead Projection

Sales Training

Learning and coaching are vital to your sales team especially following up with the latest trends and products for PPC sales and marketing. Not to mention your team also needs support with coaching calls and onboarding clients.

This is a gem if you can find this within the sales enablement platform, helping your sales team with readiness tools.

It is proven that teams with resources and support readily available can improve their sales goals by nearly 7% and have lower churn.

PPC Content Library

Being fully equipped to support sales, communicate with clients, and enhance your PPC product offering requires having resources at your fingertips to ensure you have the latest and accurate information for prospects and clients.

Case Studies

Most times, prospects will want testimonials and proof that your service has potential for their business. So the best way to go about this is having access to general white label case studies, especially if they are industry-related to finishing pitching and closing the deal.

Decks and One-Pagers

Saving time is essential if you want an efficient PPC sales team that can raise the bar higher; how exactly is this achieved? Well, if they only had to dedicate themselves to communicate and pitch, time saved by not having to put together decks or update existing ones can make a world of difference. Being able to pull up PPC decks and one-pagers on all Google and Microsoft products and any other sales collateral needed pays back.

Email Cadences

Keeping up with your sales team to efficiently communicate with your prospects and clients should never be disregarded. Evaluating your team’s communication content is key to ensuring you close deals and maintain happy clients. Having templates available can help reduce the effort to redact emails and nurture prospects towards closing in half the time.

Only But Benefits With Sales Enablement Tools

Close Deals Faster

A study found that 31.8% of participants had a strategy to work with, yielding outcomes five times more likely to succeed than those without one. Other interesting facts about the study showed:

27.1% higher closings in deals

18.1% increase in reaching target goals

A Scaling Strategy

The main question as an agency you must ask yourself, is your sales department aligned and working seamlessly with your marketing department?

Unless the answer is yes and you have confidence that the system in place is repeatable and efficient to promote continuity in your agency’s growth, then you need to go back and simplify operations and processes.

Producing content does take time and unless you have the resources, then searching for another alternative to support your companies sales enablement is crucial to succeeding at scaling.

Such an alternative is merely acquiring a cost-effective platform that supports what you and your sales team need. Replicating training for pitching, communication, and having the resources your team needs to keep the clients coming in is all you pretty much need. So, boom, there is your scaling strategy.

Making Your Decision Cost Once

A sales enablement tool/platform that fits like a glove is your step to take your agency to higher grounds.

You’ll want to know how your agency can take advantage of giving your sales teams more training and better tools to increase higher quality sales at a faster pace.

Suppose you are looking for ways to integrate your sales and marketing strategies, contact us. We can work with you to get all the functionality you need out of a sales enablement platform in a quick turnaround.