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Your PPC Sales Process Is Finito Without A Sales Enablement Platform

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Enablement

It’s all about acquiring a sales enablement platform to keep up with consumers’ demand nowadays, and if you haven’t looked into innovating your sales process, you’re bound to be left in the dust.

If you’re looking to enhance your PPC sales pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, increase client acquisition, it begins with a bundle of PPC sales enablement tools that can transform your sales team dynamic.

Pitching with client acquisition success is not sustained by potential upgrades but by baseline requirements for digital marketing agency objectives. Leveraging a robust PPC sales enablement platform will reinforce your knowledge base, client loyalty, and profitability when it comes to sales.

A PPC Tool That Will Make You Sell Like An Expert

The PPC Sales Enablement Footprint

PPC Sales enablement platforms effectiveness

Often we get caught up in the details of everything that goes into a sales process, marketing collateral, email templates, communication cadences, etc. And fail to recognize that there is a more efficient way to execute upon successful prospecting.

There is more to PPC sales enablement than meets the eye, simply than being a go-to resource of sales tools, it permits the efficient delegation our sales teams need to focus on the more essential aspects such as:

These sales team objectives often go undervalued without considering that human interaction within a sales process is part of the formula to its success. These sales team behavior and actions reach their potential with a good PPC sales enablement platform in place.

What Is An Ideal PPC Sales Enablement Strategy?

Suppose your PPC sales enablement strategy is to yield the desired outcomes for your agency. In that case, you will have to factor in the stages of the buyer’s journey, ensuring they align towards delivering on client expectations that can translate higher close rates, client loyalty, shorter sales cycles, and longer client lifetime value.

PPC Sales Enablement Strategy

The Network of Processes in Sales Enablement Should Include:

  • Sales training/coaching for prospecting and onboarding
  • Content automation and management
  • Aligning clear sales goals
  • Collaborative support from inter departments to increase predictable sales results
  • Establishing an adaptable sales process for keeping up with the changes in audience behavior

Best Practices = Better Outcomes

Plugging in a sales enablement platform into your sales process can give you better outcomes by implementing best practices along with it. Support your sales team, keep prospects engaged, clients happy and drive revenue by mixing in some best practices.

Positive Outcomes of Using a Sales Enablement Tool

Here are a few best practices you may want to take note of to pair up with your PPC sales enablement platform:

  • Accountability:
    A team must be assigned to execute a PPC sales enablement strategy and deliver results
  • Sales-Marketing Alignment:
    Establishing a solid inter-departmental relationship is essential to sustain efforts and benefits from a PPC sales enablement platform.
  • Adoption:
    Ensuring your sales team utilizes and can optimize all PPC sales enablement tools within the platform fully will make all the difference upon prospecting and managing clients.
  • Client Experience:
    Personalize and leverage all PPC sales enablement tools to deliver ideal client experiences during all phases of the buyer’s journey. Behaviors and needs of your prospects and customers shift, so be prepared to engage with them by their means instead of making them adapt to yours.
  • Goals:
    Identify KPIs to measure what will monitor the effectiveness of best practices and strategy with PPC sales enablement. Depending on goal achievement, you could gauge the need to update your PPC sales enablement tools, re-evaluate the swiftness of your sales cycle, and more.

How Benefits Of PPC Sales Enablement Support Overcoming Challenges

No one said that adopting a PPC sales enablement platform into your sales process would be a piece of cake, not when you have pre existing obstacles that may resist the changes brought to an established sales process.


To name a few, these are some of the common challenges:

  • Poor sales-marketing and other interdepartmental relationships.
  • Struggles with sales talent acquisition that fits adaptation demands.
  • Sales teams are reluctant to trying new sales tools.
  • Training and coaching are available for adoption and usage.
  • Budget constraints to maintain a good PPC sales enablement tech stack

Challenges Sales Enablement Faces

Weighing In Benefits

The decision to acquire a PPC sales enablement platform or tools doesn’t come without evaluating its pros. Consider the following benefits when assessing how to combat your particular challenges and fulfill specific sales objectives:

  • Increase sales team performance and become skills transferred
  • Shorten sales closing turnarounds
  • Foment healthier sales-marketing relationships
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, and quality clients
  • Evolve your sales process to become adaptable for the future
  • Promote stronger client engagement

Benefits of Sales Enablement

Choosing a PPC Sales Enablement Platform

The rule-of-thumb to keep in mind when researching and deciding on a PPC sales enablement platform is to answer the questions:

  • Does it integrate with your current sales tech stack?
  • Can your sales process quickly adapt to it and work in the short term?
  • Can the sales enablement PPC tools help you reach your agency objectives?
  • How easy is it to utilize? Will it require additional training?

The Overall Scoop

PPC sales enablement’s value is just as strong as how indispensable it is. Digital marketing knows no boundaries, nor does your competition. Making it part of your sales culture is essential towards keeping your agency at top-notch when it comes to becoming more prominent and better at converting prospects and maintaining a level of satisfaction for your clients like no other.

All-in-One PPC Marketing Platform for Sales Enablement

How about learning how we built our all-in-one PPC sales enablement platform based on our experience with numerous sales enablement platforms and PPC tools by enhancing it to meet precisely what any agency would need to excel in the growth and scalability they wish to achieve. Compass is an excellent fit for you and your agency; let us walk you through its tools and features.