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How to Choose a Worthy Sales Enablement Platform for Your Agency

Chelsey Fox 2 years ago Sales Enablement

The new year is here, and it’s brought the renewed need to bring in new clients. According to HubSpot, the top priority is generating leads. Leads turn into clients, and clients get revenue. It’s pretty simple to understand! The HubSpot statistics also tell us that over a third (34%) of respondents say prospecting and lead qualification is salespeople’s biggest challenge.

You know your agency needs new leads to have new clients, but how? What you’re looking for is a sales enablement platform.

What is a Sales Enablement Platform?

A sales enablement platform provides visibility across the sales content lifecycle. This is often made possible via powerful search, scoring, and syncing. A sales enablement tool closes the loop between marketing and customers. It will enable your sales team to track performance from start to finish.

what is a sales enablement platform

Making the Best Use of This Tool

Implementing sales enablement at your marketing agency will do a lot for your bottom line. In order to use this tool to bring in more leads and close more sales, you’re going to want to keep these main ideas in mind:

#1 Build a Solid Sales Enablement Foundation

Before you go any further, you will need to know your audience, priorities, team, and resources. With this strong foundation in place, you can execute unrelentingly.

#2 Focus on the Gaps Contributing to Your Biggest Challenges

Where is your sales team running into the most resistance? Identify these gaps and then close them with a data-based solution. With industry-leading ideas, you are sure to elevate your efficiency and demonstrate the type of sales enablement every organization wishes they had.

Objections to Solutions: Selling PPC

#3 Use Technology as a Catalyst for Success

The digital marketing world is known for being dynamic. Best practices, technology, and tactics are ever-changing. There are many tools out there to make sales happen, quite possibly some you’ve never heard of before. Today’s top tech will help your team accomplish amazing results, but only if the platform you select and the process you follow, align with what your business needs most. This brings us to our next point.

What Features to Look for in a New Sales Enablement Platform

Isn’t it time you finally optimize your sales pipeline and allow your sales team to work smarter, not harder? We agree! That’s why we want to help you find the best tool, one that has all of the features you need to be successful. You should be looking for these main features:

It Makes Proposals Easy

While salespeople use a variety of words, tactics, and formulas to sell to new clients, it comes down to what pain your prospect has and how your agency can solve it for them. This should be included in your proposal. The more proposals you can produce and the better quality they are, the more new clients your agency will bring on. It’s as simple as that!

By using Compass by White Shark Media, you can white-label your proposals when your sales team pitches Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising products to your leads.

Our PPC Sales Pitch Approach

The Compass Proposal Generator makes it more simple than ever before to master the art of pitching and selling PPC services. Our tool makes it easy to produce crisp, clean, and complete proposals for every one of your leads. You can use a customizable template to take advantage of new opportunities and share the data that converts leads to clients faster.

Compass offers a complete collateral library that enables your sales team to close one deal after another. Updated every week with content directly from industry giants, our ready-to-use decks facilitate digital marketing pitches during each stage of the sales cycle. You will never lack the resources you need to succeed ever again, and your sales team will close one deal after another!

You Can Create Quick and Reliable Audits

Remember, the goal here is to show your leads how you can solve their problems. You can’t do that without knowing what their problems are, which is knowledge gained via an audit.

Our tool makes it easy to save time and money while you also equip your sales team with high-performing materials for prospect meetings. Compass will generate immediate account performance audits, identify opportunities for improvements, and make insightful recommendations for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts. These audits can pull together all the information you need to close the deal.

Compass is the Sales Enablement Platform You’ve Been Looking For

It’s time to take some of the pressure off your sales team and make it easier for them to close more leads. Compass by White Shark Media gives your sales team everything you need to succeed. Our tool provides everything you’re looking for, from the initial sales proposal to PPC account audits and beyond. We encourage you to book a demo with our digital marketing experts to see everything Compass can do for your agency!