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Compass: An On-The-Go PPC Sales Tool Like No Other

Chelsey Fox 2 years ago Sales Consultation

Your agency has a fantastic way to pitch pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Wait, you don’t? You’re not alone; many agencies haven’t become successful overnight but have accomplished their success with PPC clients because of sales enablement platforms like Compass. Looking into the upcoming quarter and the next fiscal year, one of your main goals is to get more PPC clients. The question is, how? You need a PPC sales tool!

PPC Marketing Platform

You have quite a few options, but we want to tell you why White Shark Media’s Compass is not only the best tool out there but also the only one you need. We have been developing this PPC management platform for several years so that it can meet your needs in an ever-evolving digital market. Compass’s design reduces errors, increases profits, and exceeds your clients’ expectations. More than anything else, it’s developed to help you sell- wherever you are and to whoever you’re pitching. It’s easy to set up and start using, so your marketing agency will have the most effective resources to build your strategies for selling and fulfilling PPC services.

Let’s break down exactly why Compass is so far ahead of the competition.

A Unique PPC Sales Enablement Tool

Compass is a PPC sales tool specifically designed to help your team close more deals. By using Compass, you can shorten the entire sales process. This is done by generating audits and proposals, training your teams with our PPC Courses, and leveraging our experts’ experience through consultations.

Generating Audits and Proposals

In today’s marketplace, your sales team must be able to deliver high-end information at a moment’s notice. Your agency needs a PPC sales tool they can take on the go. When you take advantage of the wide range of resources available to you, your PPC sales will drastically improve. One of the most prominent resources included with Compass is the ability to present professional PPC audits.

A professional PPC audit will let your prospect know what opportunities are available and outline the right way to restructure their campaigns to achieve the success they’re seeking. When you present a professional PPC audit, you should include the campaign’s specific strengths and weaknesses, plus analyze the conversion rates, keyword performance, and other metrics that impact their bottom line. Our PPC optimization tool makes this possible and is easy to accomplish.

PPC Training Courses

Businesses are now realizing the power of PPC and look to you to harness this. A well-done PPC campaign brings in additional revenue for your clients. It allows small- and medium-sized businesses to compete with much larger companies in a way they never could before and for much less money than a traditional advertising campaign would cost them. Your potential customers have high expectations, which means you need your team to be PPC experts to stay ahead of the competition.

PPC Marketing Platform

You know that your clients want and need their PPC ads to be succeeding. Your team’s understanding of your products is essential for today’s PPC pitches. Technology is constantly evolving, as are digital products, consumer behavior, and search engine algorithms. If you don’t have this, you’re losing leads to other agencies who do. Your team will find updated, well-crafted documents on everything they need during the PPC sales cycle in our easy-to-use collateral and content library. Through Compass, you’ll have access to a Collateral Library of vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and more.

Consultations with PPC and Sales Experts

Your agency needs more sales. If teams are pitching PPC regularly but can’t close the deals, there is a major problem you need to address. This is cause for a pause in the sales process because it is usually an indication that your team needs more resources and support.

We have something exceptional for you, a resource you won’t find elsewhere. When you have Compass, you’re not just gaining access to software. You connect with White Shark Media and all of our expertise too!

Our sales consultations with industry experts guide you through pipeline reviews, proposal walkthroughs, and pitch growth strategies while providing valuable tips to attract new prospects. These meetings can help your team identify where they are getting hung up. Seasoned strategists will be able to flag the possible scenarios that may be causing doubts in your value proposition. Speaking to an expert can get you to focus on a solution rather than guessing about your next move. Our team of strategic account managers can jump on your sales calls for co-pitch support, a fantastic resource for teams who need some help to accelerate your PPC sales process.

White Shark Media’s Compass In The Works

Digital marketing is highly competitive, but our proposal engine makes it easy to close the deal. As a result, your agency will grow faster than you ever thought possible! It will be simple for your team to present new opportunities to your clients and pitch them with a strong foundation of data and insightful information through Compass. This PPC sales tool goes anywhere you need it to, right into the sales pitch with your team.

Are you ready to not just close deals but close deals faster? Not only is PPC the best course of action for your end clients’ marketing efforts, but it’s also the only way for your agency to stay competitive in the industry. Selling PPC and then managing your clients’ PPC account well is an essential piece of today’s digital marketing puzzle. White Shark Media’s Compass is a PPC sales enablement platform that equips your sales teams with the content, guidance, and resources to engage your potential clients. If you’re ready to see what Compass can do for your sales team, we’re excited to show you.