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Make Your Value Proposition Revolve Around PPC Reporting

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Enablement

Do your PPC reports provide real value for your clients? Does the client understand how your PPC services are helping them get new customers? Or do you need several calls a month to walk them through reporting and performance?

PPC reporting can be tricky to do right because it needs to align with the clients’ needs and business goals, but customizing every single report is not an efficient plan. You can, however, address this concern by finding a reporting mechanism that will create efficiency rather than take up time you could be spending on other aspects of your agency.

What Exactly Is a Good PPC Report?

Account performance, seasonal trends, KPIs, you name it. PPC reports give clients a comprehensive performance review through the expected visibility into your PPC campaign management.

Align With Goals and Business Objectives

PPC reports should reflect the overall results compared to the goals of the business and campaigns you are managing. You should be completely transparent with your PPC strategies and results, and the sophisticated tracking available today makes this easy. It will only strengthen your relationship with the client and increase the client’s lifetime value.

There are so many data sources out there, it’s important to know which ones apply to the clients’ target metrics in order to ensure you are incorporating the most relevant ones in their PPC reports. Having a good understanding of the client’s goals and objectives, in the end, will help paint a clear picture and pinpoint the KPIs that matter most.

PPC reports

Collect Key Data

A reliable and accurate data source is the foundation of every PPC report.

The most common and influential KPIs to include are:

  • Clicks
  • SIS (search impression share)
  • SLIS rank (search lost impression due to rank)
  • SLIS budget (search lost impression due to budget)
  • CTR (click-through-rate)
  • CPC (average cost per click)
  • Cost
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • ROI (return on investment)
  • ROAS (return on ad spend)


Consistency in reporting across channels is essential, so there will be instances where you’ll have to pull from more than one source. Example: Google Ads vs. Microsoft Ads reporting to include consolidated data in one PPC report.

Compare With Historical Data

We recommend leaving a small discussion on the agenda to set expectations about reporting when you onboard a client. Establishing frequency, time period, and what’s to be included in each report is crucial for an ongoing relationship.

A comprehensive report will portray historical data for the client to look back on and compare it with the time period data shown in the report. This will help you spot seasonal trends or spikes in performance, which you can then use to start a conversation about new opportunities and strategies This will show your client how you are proactively looking out for their business.

Be Efficient

You want to make sure your PPC reporting can provide a useful and comprehensive picture of the situation without overwhelming clients with excessive data from managing various PPC platforms. It’s not worth your time to create so many reports, which will confuse the client and often go ignored.

You can improve your reporting efficiency by integrating all data sources into one report and segment KPIs by their individual PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

Google Ads integration

You can stretch efficiency even further by using tools that allow you to automate, customize, and schedule each of your reports.

sharing reports

Presentation Is Everything

PPC reporting must tell a story that communicates the success or failure of the client’s investment in pay-per-click marketing. It should effortlessly set expectations and visually explain results and strategy.

Engaging clients with data charts and graphs is the best way to go. Visually reporting data is the most successful way to connect the business owner with your PPC reports.

Include Insights & Next Steps

While you can automate the process of updating the numbers ina templated PPC report, you cannot automate the insights, opportunities, and plans of action that need to go with it.

When adding the final touch to any report, keep the following in mind:

  • What resulted from last month’s efforts?
  • What is left to improve?
  • What is the next step in the PPC strategy?

In the end, the most important thing is that you continue being consistent and transparent and act as proactively as possible when presenting new plans and opportunities as you move forward.

The Future Of PPC Reporting

We have experienced many ups and downs over the years with client reports. Finally, our team came to the realization that: PPC reporting doesn’t have to be complicated.

How to Audit Your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Accounts in Less Than 5 Minutes

This is why we are cooking up something exciting and innovative that will change the way agencies and clients alike view PPC reports.

Our automated PPC reporting tool is being developed to provide user-friendly, accurate, fast, and visually engaging reports with hand-picked data sources that will give insightful and straightforward data.

With basic key features such as:

  • Multi-account support
  • End-advertiser login to a dashboard
  • Automatic scheduled reporting
  • Drag and drop builder for easier customization

And upgraded whistles and bells:

  • Automatic currency conversion (based on preference)
  • Customizable report themes
  • Widget templates
  • Integration with our existing Proposal Engine

We have designed a tool that will take PPC agency efficiency to another level.

PPC Tool

Innovate Your PPC Reporting

If you’re not telling a compelling story currently through your current PPC reporting tool and putting them together is consuming all your time, then consider our all-in-one solution.

Make reporting “your own” with a solution that goes above and beyond your expectations. Let’s talk about how to take your strategic ideas and expand them visually with a new alternative for PPC reporting.