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The Secret To Delivering PPC Proposals That Convert

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Proposal Generator

PPC proposals are components in a sales process that can either break or make closing a deal.

What you get out of a PPC proposal is highly influenced by the customization you put into it. Providing too little or too much information can either overwhelm or disengage the prospect putting all your hard effort into the acquisition to shame.

Let’s talk about what should go into PPC proposals that convert.

Setting Expectations During The PPC Proposal Presentation

When putting together a PPC proposal for your prospects, there are takeaways they must leave with. It is your priority that the client understands:

  • The goals and objectives of the PPC proposal presentation
  • What they will expect in terms of work to be executed for their business
  • A realistic timeline and turnaround times for deliverables
  • How much will they have to invest upon sign-up and consecutively after that

How to Formulate The (Almost) Perfect PPC Proposal

There’s no such thing as a perfect PPC proposal, but there are a few things you can consider when putting one together.

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Focus On Success Stories

It gets a little boring when you are presented with endless perks about services and features that benefit your business, even more when you get to finishing the call with no real success stories.

Events Generate Leads

Almost all prospects want you to save them from all the technical jargon and get to sharing how other businesses just like theirs achieved results with your services, including hardcore data and projections that tie in directly with their objectives for growth.

Here are some ideas on just how to do that:

  • Case studies and Testimonials
    Make sure they are recent and relatable
  • Estimated CPCs cost-per-clicks)
    Help understand the marketing budget that is needed monthly
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Recommendations
    Efforts other than just traffic generation, such as landing pages, Google My Business (GMB)

So What Should Be Top Of Mind When Presenting Success Stories For Your Product?

Growth Marketing Strategies.

Perspective Matters

Don’t bucket your prospect into a one-size-fits-all format but instead focus on all the information you have at hand to reflect your insight on challenges and opportunities the prospect has to gain through your PPC proposal.

Use the established relationship and knowledge of the prospect to your advantage so that your PPC proposal emphasizes on:


Ensure you garnish your PPC proposals with the data and strategies that best reflects and resonates with your clients’ business. Consider key areas such as industry, B2B vs. B2C, and level of knowledge of the main POC.

Current Trends & Data:

When presenting research on keywords and competitor analysis, make sure you base it on current trends. Nothing is more aggravating than seeing stats based on old data; I’m talking 3-4 years stale.

Devils’ In The Detail:

Your prospect will most of the time have KPIs they work with, such as CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPC (cost-per-click). Providing them projections on how your strategy will keep them at target or even improve them is a winning detail you should always consider for PPC proposals when supplied with the information.

Show Them What They’re Up Against

Incorporating competitive intelligence into a PPC proposal is most times what wins the game. Prospects love to see what they had been unable to find out about their competitors. Luckily for agencies like us, tools like SEORush and iSpionage do a pretty good job of providing us the information necessary about a prospect’s competitors that plugin beautifully to a PPC proposal.

Pieces to include in your competitive analysis section:

  • Highlight 3-5 top direct competitors
  • Use metrics of comparison such as ad spend, traffic, and CPCs for common keywords
  • Propose new strategies from competitive insight.

Bucket Keywords According To Relevance

Keywords According To Relevance

When you perform keyword research, make sure you don’t go crazy spending time on a large array of keywords. Instead, provide a mix of the clients’ must-have keywords and your suggested keywords and high trending keywords based on competitive research.

Once you have an established keyword selection, find a way to segment them into relevant groups. This will help support your budget allocation, landing page strategy, and campaign priority for your PPC strategy.

PPC Proposals Needs a Host To Convert

It would be great if, statistically speaking, all sent proposals converted without the need to be presented, but why would you want your precious invested time on a PPC proposal to go to waste when 30 minutes of your time can close a deal.

Not every prospect you pitch to will be knowledgeable enough to digest a PPC proposal. Therefore, here is where your presentation weighs in heavily on decision-making on signing up with your services.

Ready To Revamp PPC Proposals

PPC proposals are anything but something you should take lightly at the time of creation. Blow your prospects away and deliver something they don’t expect to finish convincing them that you are experts at managing their business online through paid advertising.

If you’re still not convinced that there’s more to a PPC proposal than just a template, we’re interested in showing you otherwise. Let us introduce you to another level of PPC proposals through our Proposals Generator Tool in our Compass platform.