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What Prospects Expect Out Of A PPC Proposal

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Proposal Generator

PPC proposals make all the difference when you are trying to close your leads and improve your agency’s sales rates. In other words, when you create a proposal for PPC services, you need to take all the necessary time and put in all the necessary effort to do it right.

Finding efficient ways to handle a high volume of leads can be a challenge, and you may come across many different proposal templates out there. However, you may not know how to determine which one is the best for your agency.

It is vital to understand the components and qualities of your PPC sales proposal that will impress your prospects and meet their expectations. This, in turn, will help you see a faster turnaround in prospect decision making.

Proposal Outline

Collecting Information

PPC proposals are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They need to be customized and unique to the business you are pitching, so you need to ask relevant questions and acquire specific information from your leads.

Here are examples of what you should be asking:

Client Business Info

  • What products and/or services do they want to promote?
  • Who is their target audience?
  • What are the top 10 keywords they would like to advertise for?
  • Do they have a previous PPC account they can give you access to?

Objectives and Goals

What do they consider a conversion?

  • Signups
  • Sales
  • Calls
  • Traffic Volume
  • Mobile App Download


  • Is there a specific business need or challenge for you to solve?
  • Have they had a similar marketing strategy like this before? If so, ask for details.

Competitor Research

Budget & Timeline

  • What portion of their marketing budget will they be allocating to PPC?
  • What is the expected timeline for reaching their goals?


Now that you have the foundational information about them, you can perform some research to determine the best strategies for the prospect’s campaign objectives. You will need to keep all this data to show your potential clients why you’ve chosen this strategy.

When you are pitching PPC, you should include a number of these details in the proposal. Some of the most important data includes:

  • Keyword research for search volume
  • Additional keyword suggestions
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target location
  • Campaign strategy and segmentation
  • Budget recommendations
  • Lead projections

Sales Collateral

Nothing seals the deal better than industry benchmarks and statistics that can support your PPC pitch, especially when it hits home with the client’s business. Showcasing the right information at the right time during the client journey’s proposition phase will make the difference in your chances to close the deal.

The following resources can be extremely helpful in the sales process:

Case Studies

Showing proof of your results with other businesses, especially when they’re in the same industry, can help make a quick win. Even better, if you can provide a case study for the same scenario your prospect is facing, then you have all the possibilities of a higher acquisition rate.

Ideally, having PPC case studies from your clients’ success stories is most effective. However, you also have the option to refer to sources such as Think with Google and Microsoft Advertising Insights.

If you’re new to offering Microsoft Advertising, you can present stats about the Microsoft Search Network’s reach and the audience’s higher buying power.


Your PPC proposal can be even more powerful when you pair up the results you achieved with the client’s genuine feedback about their experience with your agency.

Testimonials resonate with prospects because they can relate to other businesses that have similar pain points or needs.

There are many forms of testimonials, written, video, reviews, but personal references are the most powerful of all. If you’re lucky, you will have clients who willingly become part of a database reference source, where your prospect can get it in contact and learn about client experiences first hand.

The Evolution of PPC Proposals

How to Audit Your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Accounts in Less Than 5 Minutes

Keeping up with online audiences’ evolving needs can be a challenge, which means we all need to innovate the way we propose services and products.

Over the years, we’ve found ourselves having to reinvent the wheel, especially if we wanted to grow and scale our agency. This is how WSM Compass came to life.

With our proposal engine, we’ve managed to encompass the essentials that your prospects expect from a PPC sales pitch so you can convert leads to clients.

We are all about sharing efficient ways to grow your agency. Let us walk you through a sales enablement tool that you have never seen before and find new ways to meet your agency goals in no time.