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Take Your Agency Up A Level In Prospecting Using The Latest PPC Tools

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Consultation

Client acquisition can be the most challenging element your agency goes through, yet one that creates the most impact. Your agency growth relies on an efficient sales process consistent and replicable to yield the business goal fulfillment you expect. In the long run, it promotes the scalability you have always dreamed of for your company.

Did you know that “more than 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process?

The most challenging part of the sales process

Time and effort are scarce when you have to juggle all the pieces that go into giving any prospect the quality experience they should receive. Perhaps moving through a fast-paced digital marketing industry worrying about the day-to-day has blinded the fact that there are solutions, including PPC tools, out there to help support what is lacking for you to move forward seamlessly.

Growing your agency should be easier to build a roadmap for, especially when you are well equipped with how to sell PPC advertising. You can rely on pay-per-click management tools and software that can let you focus purely on establishing the relationships with prospects that you need to get them through your door.

So while you’re constantly asking yourself, “ How do I get more clients?” The real question you should be asking yourself is, “How do I continuously get more clients?” The answer is simple: work with an efficient PPC management platform that compliments your current business model, and the rest will come with it.

Sources of Acquisition

Knowing which leads to tackle first should revolve around how cost-effective they will play out. Therefore here are some streams of prospects you should pitch to first before getting all fancy and investing in marketing and sources of lead acquisition.

Existing Clients

Clients relationships

It becomes easier to up-sell and cross-sell clients with whom you already have established relationships. These tend to be the quickest acquisitions, especially if you can project promising growth based on the clients’ current marketing channels.


Clients Recommendations and referrals

“65% of new business opportunities come from recommendations and referrals.”
Your happy clients will transmit the excellent experience to other businesses and highly recommend you for the digital marketing you manage for them.

If your service quality doesn’t do the trick, you can resort to throwing incentives into the effort by providing rewards such as gift cards, discounts, or a period of free service.

Past Prospects

You will have to put a little more time into going back into the archive, see who deviated away from the sales cycle, and re-engage. You initially invested in these leads; therefore, it’s worthwhile to go ahead and squeeze the last bit of potential out of them. You want to ensure they remember your agency, and when they are ready to make a move, easily recall how your agency was compatible with their business needs.

Past prospects

Lead Qualification & Engagement

Prioritize pitching to businesses that stand to gain the most from your PPC services. You want to find clients that can help you establish a strong portfolio, here is what you should stick to:

Lead Qualification

Target Goals and Provide a Solution to Their Challenge

Don’t pry just into their short-term goals but future objectives as well. It shows that you are vested in a long-term relationship and care to take their business to another level.

Most businesses face common challenges: stagnant growth, lack of resources, time, and knowledge, so be prepared by default to present and show how your services cover all of these and more.

It Always Boils Down to a Decision-Maker

Invest your time wisely with prospects; as a rule of thumb, ensure that you have a decision-maker or the equivalent on your pitch presentation meeting to ensure you can close the deal efficiently and get your message out loud and clear.

Your Pitch: What Clients Look For

Free Audits and Proposals

It’s a given; all leads want you to look under the hood and spot opportunities right away; being knowledgeable and prepared to perform this on the fly is crucial to engagement and grabbing their attention.

As part of your PPC pitch, an audit of their account followed by a proposal is essential to providing visualization to the prospect of a clear strategy outline that will take their business closer to their goals, including growth opportunities and budget allocation for their digital marketing efforts.

Competitor Analysis

Showing how a client’s business online marketing efforts compare to their top competitors can be a deal maker, especially if they have not been presented with the stats recently. It may go against what they believed to be strategically covered with their current agency and put everything you have been explaining into perspective.

Tying in competitor insights into a strategy that can deliver better results, drive making more money, and maximize their ad spend investment is a component in the sales process that cannot go without mentioning.

Case Studies

It’s a good idea to start pipelining possible case studies from your book of business; why? Because most of the time, prospects will want an extra layer of confidence when signing up with you.

The easiest targets for case studies and testimonials are your happy clients who have experienced a business boost with your management services.

If you are a new agency, it becomes a lot harder to procure case studies. In this scenario, we recommend partnering with a white label agency that can give you access to PPC tools, including sales collateral that contains white label case studies, just like this one.

Start Looking For PPC Software

Give back time to your business by putting a PPC platform to work for you and invest time in what matters, which is how your sales team communicates with prospects and the resources they use to do so.

Acquiring new clients and increasing your recurring revenue is fundamental to scaling your agency. PPC management platforms such as Compass are a perfect example of what you should be looking for, but we can assure you that we are probably the very few that offer a platform as complete as ours. Get further insight into what’s possible for your agency with PPC management tools; go ahead, explore the next steps for growth.