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Optimizing Your Sales Process With PPC Case Studies

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Consultation

A detailed case study based on one of your client’s success stories can be some extremely valuable sales collateral when you are pitching PPC to a prospective client.

Your sales team can preach about having the best marketing team and PPC solution, but your potential clients will want to see it paired up with a good case study before you can establish any real cretibility with them.

Your agency can improve sales exponentially by ensuring your PPC case studies have a proper foundation and tell a story that your prospects want to hear.

What is a Case Study?

Going back to basics, a case study showcases a client’s success story in which your products or services helped them overcome a challenge or achieve an objective.

Your prospect should gain insights from case study elements such as a summary of the business, the current challenge or goals they have, and the resolution strategy supported by stats.

An excellent study will narrate the client’s journey and not your agency’s. Harping away about how unique your product or service is will only make the case study seem hollow and undermine your efforts to convince the prospect about acquiring your solution.

Your case study must be all about the client and contain just a sprinkle of how your services helped them resolve challenges and achieve goals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the critical elements of an effective PPC case study.

The Anatomy & Content

Client Business & Background

Give an overview of the client’s business, such as the owner, geographical location, industry, and specific services or products offered.

Additional details you can include during the introductory section are:

  • What problem is the client trying to solve?
  • Any other objectives or goals they want to achieve?
  • What has already been tried?
  • A testimonial from the client.

Case Study Anatomy

Goals, Objectives & Challenges

After introducing the case, dive into the clients’ business goals and the challenges they experienced.

  • What are the significant insights, impacts, or metrics?
  • Identify and quantify the problem.

When presenting goals, make sure they are realistic enough to engage with audiences and prospects to set reasonable expectations about your services.

Case Study Structure

Problem-Solving Strategy

The solution must show how it is helpful to the clients’ business needs and challenges. It should show the prospect how the solution is worthwhile for their business.

You may explain the processes and steps taken in the strategy and any key decisions or constraints that changed during the plan of action.

Case Study Example

Results Achieved

Provide data to illustrate the impact of the solution and tie it into the business goals and challenges. This contributes to an outstanding case study that will result in a higher close rate for your agency.

Case Study Results

Pro-Tip: If you find yourself scavenging for numbers to put together results, you can also resort to explaining how you would measure the business’s success.


Here is where you want to emphasize learnings and next steps for the clients’ business. Sharing key insights into what the client has learned from using your services or products is a good hook to include towards the end of our case study.

Why Create Marketing Case Studies?

Think about it: whenever you sign up for or buy something, you want references from people who have had a positive experience with it.

Case studies are one of the most effective content formats you can use to improve the client acquisition rate for your agency.

A wide variety of case studies can be a huge help for your sales team. When they hear a prospect’s marketing challenges on the phone, they can immediately relate it to cases your company has dealt with in the past. More importantly, it provides a tangible piece of evidence that your PPC marketing solution has helped similar businesses in the past.

White Label Case Studies

Start-up agencies that have yet to establish a strong book of business to supply case studies, can turn to white label case studies as an alternative.

The main advantage of this option is that you can rely on case studies during your sales process to close deals even though you have not established your own just yet. This can be a real help to agencies struggling with client acquisition to meet their business objectives.

Start Building Your Case Study Library

Now that you’ve got a good idea of how to create a killer PPC case study, it’s time for you to begin creating a library of your own to increase your close rate.

Need help getting started? Our innovative approach to building a library of white label case studies can help you start acquiring the clients you need to create your own client success stories to showcase to your prospects.

While we are at it, you can also get important insights with a sales enablement tool that will complement your case studies and help your team close more sales.

Book a consultation with one of our experts to learn more.