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Why Your Sales Efforts Need A PPC Audit And What To Include

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago PPC Audits

Over the last few years, White Shark Media has been working hard to design and implement a solution to meet the needs of our sales team, taking in mind how agencies could also benefit from it in selling PPC services. The result we produced is Compass, a PPC sales enablement solution designed to help your PPC sales team with client acquisition.

Our PPC Sales Pitch Approach

Shorten sales processes by generating PPC audits and proposals, train your teams with our PPC courses, and leverage our expert experience. That’s right; Compass makes it simple to audit your clients’ current PPC efforts and even easier to present it during your sales pitch!

Compass makes a huge difference in your sales efforts by leaving a great impression on your prospects and influencing them to hire you to manage their PPC account.

Let’s Get Down To The World Of PPC Audits

What’s So Special About PPC Audits

The sales and PPC onboarding process are essential for the client journey. This foundation, if done correctly, means you’re well on your way to a delighted client that most likely will stay loyal to your agency, meeting your lifetime value objectives.

It is quite possible that many businesses you perform a PPC audit on simply do not understand their current state of poor account performance or, at the very least, that they could perform much better. PPC audits are a chance for you to show essential elements of their campaigns that have room for improvement and also opportunities they may have forgotten about or never looked at in the first place.

What goes into PPC audits?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Are conversions set up and tracking correctly?
  • Ad disapproval due to old URLs from the clients’ website
  • Not having a mobile-optimized site and have a 50% bid adjustment for mobile devices
  • How relevant are the landing pages that Ads are directing traffic to?
  • Does their negative keyword list have at least 200 negative keywords?

Once you start to think in the right direction, you’ll probably develop a lot more ideas you’ll want to present within the PPC audit to the client. Remember, a PPC audit is telling your potential client, “Here’s where you’re falling short, where you can take advantage of opportunities, and the solution we can implement.

The Future of PPC Audits Come With Dashboards

Research tells us that people understand and remember information significantly more if they see than only hear it. You want to not only tell them how their current PPC efforts are doing but also show them.

Yep precisely, you need a dashboard! The last thing you want is to engage a prospect with an audit that has no visuals to present. If you want your prospects to convert into clients, start finding a way to make your PPC audits more creative. What you’re looking for is a way to present the information that anyone and everyone can comprehend.

This is one of the key reasons Compass came about and was created to provide PPC audits with an interactive dashboard. It serves its purpose by telling anyone who has zero PPC knowledge exactly what is happening with their current accounts and what can be done to get them back on track.

How to Audit Your Google Ads

With Compass, you will be able to provide your prospects and clients with:

  • Account Opportunities
  • Optimization Recommendations
  • Performance Reports

Make PPC Audit Results Easy To Share

You’ve put together a fantastic PPC audit through an automated PPC audit tool. Although you can present it to your prospects and clients, unfortunately, you cannot send it to them in a document they can review in their own leisure time.

No need to worry here; we’ve made this step easy. Our PPC audit engine can easily export all of the information on your PPC audit via PDF so it can be shared and emailed as needed.

It’s also worth mentioning that Compass is also a white label sales enablement tool. This means your sales team can present the information in a fully aligned way with your agency brand, your logo, colors, and more.

Giving your prospects and clients a professional impression with the material, reporting, and presentations you provide gives you an A+ in the department of being a pro at what you do.

A PPC Audit Tool You Couldn’t Believe Your Eyes

There is no such thing as cutting corners when it comes to performing a PPC audit for your prospects and clients. The expectations are high and going above and beyond this takes some serious time and effort to analyze and suggest areas of improvement and opportunities in a PPC account.

That’s why when you begin using Compass to improve PPC sales, your agency can take advantage of a wide range of resources, from putting together the initial PPC audit to presenting it to your potential clients. We are committed to helping you deliver the best PPC service possible! Reach out to us to learn more about the advantages of Compass to your sales team.