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5 Reasons Why Ongoing PPC Training For Your Agency Is Essential

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Courses

As we know, the digital marketing industry continues to change and grow exponentially, and with it, the PPC advertising platforms we use. Innovation, client-centricity, and business goals weigh more heavily than ever, which requires your teams to be on top of their games from a strategic standpoint.

Ensuring account and sales managers’ core competencies are being nourished and enhanced is what ongoing PPC training is all about. Frequently agencies overlook this and rely on leaders to encourage self-learning and skills transfer or do not have the qualified resources to deliver on the full training teams need to keep up the quality of the service they provide.

Establishing a robust ongoing learning process for your teams is not beneficial to them but to your agency. Taking the time to invest in ongoing PPC training and learning can accelerate your company goals.

Why Your Agency Needs Ongoing PPC Training

1. In the Know With PPC Product Updates

It’s no use if your sales and account managers cannot equip themselves with the latest knowledge about new PPC products and trends. Prospects are curious and want to do everything that their competitors are doing when it comes to digital marketing.

You don’t want to be that agency that still uses past terminology Google Adwords (now Google Ads) or Bing (now Microsoft Ads), or refers to metrics such as average position when it no longer exists.

2. Outsmart Competitors

I can guarantee that very few of your competitors have a learning workspace or program in-house; just establishing a PPC training system that fits into your agency gives you higher ground.

What scares most agencies about taking the next step here is how expensive ongoing learning can be, but if you explore and know your options, it doesn’t have to be.

Most digital marketing industry leaders have ongoing learning as a priority, allowing them to work more efficiently. So if you’ve scratched your head and asked yourself how they got where they are now, believe it or not, most of it is due to their investment in ongoing PPC training for their people.

3. Professional Growth

By investing in PPC training, you are automatically creating experts, valuable and high-skilled resources that will help you skills transfer and coach new hires.

At an individual level, you are gifting professionals with the ability to grow, become more competent, fulfilled, and most importantly, motivated. Naturally, more internal career growth opportunities arise as your agency grows, which many people could only dream of.

“Ongoing training programs give businesses a way to turn new employees into the skilled workers the industry needs.”

4. Becoming “The” Place To Work

There is more gain than meets the eye by offering and engaging in a successful PPC training program for your agency.

Your employees talk, and if they have had a great experience with their professional marketing growth, then you’re in for a treat. Not only have you established a culture to look up to, but you have also acquired a free source of potential new hires for your people operations in talent and acquisition.

Just as with a client, a happy employee is more likely to have a higher lifetime value.

5. Promote Efficiency

Ongoing PPC training within your agency can help improve areas of development that are lacking. Since you are inspiring a learning culture, you awaken team mindfulness in the work they perform.

Learning and training teams together also give leeway for brainstorming and feedback sessions to help innovate and fill gaps for your agency’s product offering.

“Happy employees are 12% more productive than their counterparts.”

Prioritizing Skill Requirements In Training

The PPC and sales manager must now possess a specific skill set aligned with problem-solving, analysis, and communication as effectively as possible.

Identifying core skills needed to run your agency successfully is crucial and must be appropriately structured into ongoing PPC training.

Clients have expectations to be met and want someone who can advocate for their business by managing digital advertising efforts. Examples include and are not limited to performance goals and proactively presenting new growth opportunities for their business online.

Get Started On Ongoing PPC Training

The ripple effects of not acquiring ongoing PPC training for a digital marketing agency are detrimental to its growth and team efficiency.

Who knows what the future holds or how much faster PPC will change? It is in your best interest to keep up the pace and align your products with the latest and newest updates to ensure that you are a knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing agency.

Give your teams the confidence they need by providing a self-paced learning environment to adjust to their learning styles and needs. We are happy to help align your needs with cost-effective solutions; let’s get in touch.