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The Top 3 Objections Marketers Face While They Upsell PPC and How to Handle Them

Antonella Saravia 3 years ago Sales Courses
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Though most people dread objections of any kind, a salesperson can get ahead in this game when they know how to navigate them gracefully. PPC sales objections are just points waiting to be addressed. If you know how to handle each of their concerns, you will start to convert more prospects into clients.

2020 has been a unique challenge for everyone, so it’s an understatement to say that every business needs pay-per-click services. The world relies more heavily on digital services and platforms than ever before, which clears the path to upsell PPC.

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Nevertheless, you can still expect plenty of objections ahead—it’s the nature of the business.

Our team always considers potential objections when we are creating a pitch. This internal exercise prompted us to share our strategic account managers’ most common concerns and how to tackle them.

Closing the Sales Deal: How to Handle Objections Effectively

1.Pricing Objections During Your PPC Sale

One of the most common objections while upselling PPC to clients is budget-related. Don’t let this particular objection derail your efforts, though. It is, after all, a standard negotiation tactic. 

However, your sales team should be mindful of how often it is mentioned and when because this can reveal how deep the concern runs. 

The reasons behind pricing objections vary. Your client may be unsure where to allocate funds, or they may not have the budget for your services. As the conversation unfolds, you may also hear:

“Your Package Is Too Expensive!”

If your client claims that your PPC services are “too expensive,” you can provide a few simple points to add perspective. 

Remember, “expensive” is a relative term. When you hear it, treat it as an opportunity to toot your own horn and create a proposal that highlights some of the unique features you provide. 

“I’m Unclear of the Value of Your Package.”

This objection opens up the door for you to directly address their pain points So stress the results that are possible with your PPC services. 

This conversation shouldn’t revolve solely around profits, though. Talk about the amount of money that agencies save by not jumping from agency to agency, and help them see the value of getting it right this time. Additionally, review past frustrations and be proactive about how you will tackle them.

This is an opportunity to show them the value of having real experts on their side.

“I Can’t Afford This Plan.”

Let’s assume that there is not enough budget for your project or that dollars have already been allocated. What do you do, now? 

You can use this opportunity to discover more about their business and how they currently use their budget. 

PPC is essential in the modern marketplaces and can help businesses build awareness and reach their financial objectives. When you understand how their business works, you’ll find new ways to pitch your services and set the foundation for a future sale.

2. The PPC vs. SEO Debacle

Our PPC strategists are often asked to prove the value that PPC brings to the table. “My SEO is working just fine. Why should I add PPC?” 


We often say that SEO is a lot like farming. You will have a crop, it takes a little time, but it’s an investment that bears fruit–you’re going to eat! 

However, PPC works more like hunting. It allows you to go out and tap into a market, immediately offering your product to those in search of it. 

PPC is a proactive strategy to add to a digital marketing portfolio to achieve goals. You can overcome this concern by showing how pairing the two services together can lead to exponential growth. 

3. Destined to Fall Behind

The digital era has taught us that what works today won’t always work tomorrow. Every business, brand, and strategy must continue to evolve. “Well enough” is an excellent place to be today, but as behavior changes, digital tools, features, and approaches have to change to “stay on the top.” Evolution keeps clients’ brands on the map. 

PPC campaign strategies must be monitored by a team of experts who are continually looking for new ways to grow and get ahead of the market and connect with consumers. 

You can address concerns that you will fall behind the curve by mentioning new features and strategies like Display or YouTube ads in your proposal and a POA. This discussion will help clients understand that “setting and forgetting” doesn’t work with digital marketing. 

These new avenues will help clients tap further into the market, gain market share, and reach more of their target audience. 


As you prepare your PPC sales, keep these objections and solutions in mind so you will be ready to handle them whenever they come up. If you’re proactive about it, you can ease into them before the potential client even has a chance to mention them. 

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