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What It Takes To Handle Prospect PPC Objections

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Consultation

You shouldn’t be afraid of PPC sales objections; it’s a natural reaction any consumer has towards a service or product before they decide to buy and is an excellent way for you to finish positioning your product above competitors and as a key essential to a prospect’s needs.

The best next thing you could be doing for your sales team is equipping them with resources and training to ensure they overcome PPC sales objections every time without breaking a sweat. Let us take you through a little 101 in PPC sales objection handling and give insight into a solution that will change the way you perceive engaging prospects.

What Is Sales Objection Handling?

As soon as your prospect goes into questioning your product’s price, benefits, performance turnaround, and more, you clarify those concerns to move forward with closing a deal or marketing strategy. This course of action is called sales objection handling.

Why Is It Important?

If we lived in a world where no one gave feedback or pushback on a service or product, do you think we would have the latest innovations and the healthy competition that drives our services and products to be what they are today?

PPC sales objections from prospects can help build and strengthen relationships because they allow them to voice out unconformities and have all doubts clarified.

Overcoming PPC Sales Objections

I’m going to let you in on a secret on how to handle PPC sales objections; it’s quite simple…

All you have to be is honest and concise throughout the onboarding process and ongoing life cycle throughout the client experience.

Here are a few topics of conversation worth combining with your rebuttal to a PPC sales objection.

Sustainable Profitability

PPC advertising can provide significant ROI, flexible spending, and inexpensive testing.

Scalable Growth

Growth can come cost-effectively if you properly market in scalable revenue streams such as PPC.

Strategy & Performance

By mapping out strategies that support account performance, you can achieve sustainable marketing campaigns.

PPC Sales Key Actions

Classic Case Scenarios

Sales Objection #1

“We can manage our campaigns with automation; no need to hire a professional.”

1. Analyze the PPC sales objection:

Often the prospect will have a misconception about what a professional digital marketer can provide. They are probably focusing on saving money and time but not on results.

2. How to handle:

  • Recircle what automation implies and the benefits if managed professionally.
  • It’s worth contesting that automation cannot:
    • Track competitor activity and seasonal shifts to put them into strategic action.
    • Research and target the audience your client’s business needs.
    • Create compelling ads or tailor them to specific audiences.
  • Highlight that you may use automation in a joint effort with an account manager:
    • It frees up more time to focus on a big-picture strategy such as analysis, research, and testing to experience results quicker.
    • Handles low-level optimizations while the team optimizes at a higher-level.

Sales Objection #2

“My marketing budget cannot afford paid ads; I’ve heard cost per click gets out of control.”

1. Analyze the PPC sales objection:

The client may be investing in non-profitable methods of marketing that would be worth exploring. They may also have had an experience with poor performance and a waste of money with PPC.

2. How to handle:

  • Position PPC as an investment over a cost.
  • Showcase success stories from new clients in PPC.
  • Determine the value of all marketing efforts, and review how best to allocate budget throughout marketing channels.

Sales Objection #3

“Committing to a contract is too much of a risk; I just finished getting out of one to jump right into another.”

1. Analyze the PPC sales objection:

The client has been burnt in the past and will take time to trust a new agency.

2. How to handle:

  • Emphasize that what marks your agency’s difference is that you offer a partnership and not just a service.
  • Be transparent with how your management fees work and what they can expect.
  • Proven strategies and the best ways your client can capitalize on PPC through your agency to improve performance and promote consistency in ROI.

Overcoming Objections to Increase PPC Budget

It’s best practice to re-evaluate PPC budget recommendations to determine if you can enhance or improve performance. Entering conversations with your clients with data, a comprehensive understanding of goals, and a positive attitude towards your client’s business growth can help you navigate any PPC objections.

Common PPC Objections

PPC Objection #1

“You’re recommending I spend more on PPC so you can charge me more.”

1. Analyze the PPC objection:

You may be an agency that assesses management fees based on a percentage of ad spend, so if you ask the client to spend more, ensure you are supporting your upsell with data and reporting.

2. How to handle:

  • Make sure you have established rapport with the client.
  • Provide budget recommendations with supportive data.
  • Prepare historical performance trends with a plan of action.

PPC Objection #2

“I’m not seeing any results from our PPC campaigns. Social Media works better.”

1. Analyze the PPC objection:

The client may not have set up conversion tracking or are not tracking properly hence making it difficult to provide visibility in the value of PPC marketing.

Tip: Consider that the client may be right, and PPC is not a good fit for their business model.

2. How to handle:

  • Review the ability to measure results through conversion tracking.
  • You should be offering conversion tracking with your PPC services.
  • Go over PPC metrics with the client to show value.
  • Always have a plan of action available.
  • Be honest with possible outcomes of any proposed strategy.

PPC Objection #3

“Sure, let’s try a strategy that involves sharing from the PPC budget we already have.”

1. Analyze the PPC objection:

You may be managing the client’s account, providing great results for which they may think you can make ado without investing any additional budget.

The client may also not be ready or convinced to put forth any additional budget due to financial setbacks or lack of knowledge on how marketing dollars are being invested.

2. How to handle:

  • Clear communication on budget limitations and the repercussions of spreading a budget too thin.
  • Projection on performance in the long run with an increase in budget.
  • Review optimizations, results, and recommendations frequently with your client.
  • Competitive analysis and outranking reporting.

You’re Now Ready to Rock PPC Sales Objections

You will face PPC sales objections every day, and it is in your best interest to master to handle them, even if, in the end, you cannot overcome them.

Ask your teams to compile common PPC objections and set up sessions to find solutions to handle them. Standardized responses will let you become better prepared and more likely to make a sale or upsell an account.

Are there PPC sales objections you have yet to master? We’d be happy to guide you on how to overcome them.