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How to Increase Your Sales Through Professional PPC Audits

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago PPC Audits
Professional PPC Audits

In today’s marketplace, your sales team must be able to deliver highly detailed information at a moment’s notice. Your potential customers have high expectations, and that means you need some powerful PPC tools to stay ahead of the competition. If you don’t have this, you’re losing leads to other agencies who do. Not only is PPC the best course of action for your end clients, it’s also the only way for your agency to stay competitive in the industry. Selling PPC and then managing your clients’ PPC account well is an essential piece of today’s digital marketing puzzle.

You may read this and think, “Easier said than done!” and in a way, you are right. That is precisely why we developed an amazing tool to make it easier. What you’re looking for is a tool that makes it simple for your sales team to tell a lead where their current PPC campaigns are lacking and how your agency can do it better. You need to be delivering professional PPC audits. The question is, how?

What are Professional PPC Audits?

Your agency needs more sales. Digital marketing is highly competitive. It seems like every day there is a new start-up who wants to offer your clients their services and steal them away. There’s also plenty of potential clients out there that you want and need to impress.

A professional PPC audit will let your potential new client know what is wrong and outline the right way to restructure their campaigns in order to achieve the success they’re looking for. When you present a professional PPC audit, you should include the campaign’s specific strengths and weaknesses, plus analyze the conversion rates, keyword performance, and other metrics that impact their bottom line.

Struggling to sell PPC is all too common. When you take advantage of a wide range of resources available to you, your PPC sales will drastically improve. One of the most important resources that is included with Compass is the ability to present professional PPC audits. Our PPC optimization tool not only makes this possible, but actually easy.

This isn’t guesswork and fancy language. The Compass Audit Engine is an opportunity to empower your sales team with actionable insights and detailed reports. Compass was designed to help your team get all the information they need at a glance in order to close their sale. How well does the lead’s current account perform? What kind of engagement are they seeing? What is successful and what isn’t? Where are the opportunities for growth? Presenting this information to a potential customer is the best way to turn a lead into a client. Handling their account well once you’ve gotten them onboard is the best way to turn a new client into a long-term client. Compass helps you do both!

Lead generation has never been easier! Our PPC management software gives your sales team the ability to generate immediate account performance audits, identify opportunities for improvements, and make insightful recommendations for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts. All you need to do is simply to invite prospects to see what you can do for them. Compass will generate detailed and actionable audits under your brand, all white-labeled of course. Copies of audits will be sent directly to your sales reps, so it really could not be any easier.

If you’re worried this sounds complex and time consuming, we want to give you the peace of mind that it is not. The Compass PPC audit tool makes it easy to create on-the-spot audits that detail a wide range of potential opportunities for campaign improvements. This single tool can guide your team through the entire deal cycle with quality sales content. You can point out inefficiencies in their current campaigns, bring up new areas of opportunities, and leverage new features and trends. In order to be truly effective, an audit must dig deep into the account to find these new avenues of growth. Thankfully for you, Compass makes it possible for your sales team to do it all.

Compass makes PPC audits simple and effective, so you can quickly deliver critical information to your potential clients! We know that you’re looking for a solution that is specifically designed to help your team close more deals, so that is exactly what we made. By using Compass, your sales team can shorten processes by generating audits and proposals. That’s not all, though. It will also make it easier to train your teams and leverage experts’ experience through consultations. You may initially use Compass to improve PPC sales through the use of professional PPC audits, but you won’t stop there. It will also enable your agency to take advantage of a wide range of additional resources, including proposals, performance reports, case studies, a collateral library, and more.

Professional PPC Audits Made Easy Through Compass

You need to improve your agency’s PPC sales, which can be done through the use of professional PPC audits. How do you go about putting together these audits, though? Compass by White Shark Media is the PPC software solution you have been looking for.

We know there is often a gap between marketing experts and your sales team. Don’t let this stop your team from closing sales any longer! Compass puts all of the recommendations in an easy-to-read and downloadable PDF that bridges the knowledge gap so it is finally a thing of the past.

Professional PPC audits will take your new PPC client sales from stuck in the mud to zooming forward! Not just any tool can do this for your agency. That is why we are so excited to be able to tell you what our tool can do that someone else cannot. Are you ready to learn more and to see it in action? Get a free demo today and discover new ways to improve your PPC sales process.