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How to Fix the Most Common PPC Ads Problems

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago PPC Updates

Your Agency Needs Help

A well-done PPC campaign brings in additional revenue for your clients. It allows small- and medium-sized businesses to compete with the big guys, for much less money than a traditional advertising campaign would cost them. You know that your clients want and need their PPC ads to be succeeding. This is what they expect! It’s also what they’re paying you for.

Yet, getting your PPC ads to perform the way you need them to is oftentimes easier said than done. Are you having trouble? You’re not alone. In fact, several PPC ads problems are pretty common. Just because other agencies struggle may not make you feel better, though. Your clients still expect something you’re struggling to deliver. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you don’t need to figure the solution out on your own.

We’re here to help your agency fix the problems, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

The 3 Most Common PPC Ads Problems

Instead of bogging you down with every possible thing that could trip you up, we’re going to focus today on three most common PPC ads problems, as well as tell you how you can fix them. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and perhaps more importantly a profitable PPC ads campaign!

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Impression Share (IS)

Impression Share is the percentage of total impressions your ad receives compared to the total number of impressions it is eligible to receive.

What is Impression Share

There are several reasons why your IS may be lower than you’d like for it to be. This includes:

Low keyword bids: You are bidding too low on keywords in auctions, and your competition is easily outbidding you.

Budget restrictions: Your maximum budget limit is set at a very low price.

Poor Ad Rank: Probably as a result of the other two, your ads are less likely to appear near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Increase Your Ad Rank and Quality Score on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

When you are trying to improve your PPC ads, you must realize that impressions are the first stage of the life cycle. Clearly, if your ads aren’t getting enough impressions, it’s a poor start.

Your PPC ads are unlikely to yield many conversions if they’re not even being seen. The solution is to make sure they are seen from now on! The best thing to do is to adjust your budget to the maximum limit. With a low budget, you’ll struggle to make waves among the competitors.

Remember, the client only pays if the ad is clicked on, so you’re not wasting money by bidding higher to ensure your PPC ads are seen more.

2. Low Click Through Rate (CTR)

Perhaps instead, your problem is that people are seeing your ads but not clicking on them. This results in a low Click Through Rate.

Mathematically, CTR can be expressed using the following formula:

CTR formula

After impressions, CTR is the biggest piece of the lead generation puzzle. That is why a high CTR is typically a good sign of relevant targeting and well-optimized ad copy.

If your ads are generating a low CTR, you need to find the problem. It could be the result of low impression share, irrelevant audience targeting, or even an unfortunate side-effect of poor ad rank.

With those potential causes in mind, let’s look at some PPC optimization remedies to tackle your low CTR issue.

Low impression share: Perhaps you’re struggling with two different common PPC ads problems! This is a common cause of low CTR. Naturally, a higher impression share will drive more clicks and increase your CTR. To boost CTR, you must overcome the low impression share issue first.

Irrelevant Audience targeting: If you are bidding on the wrong keywords, you’ll attract the wrong audience. That makes sense, right? Thankfully, this issue can be corrected by updating your negative keyword list with search terms that are attracting irrelevant people.

The solution here is simply to better align your content, ads, and your landing pages with more relevant keywords.

3. Too Many of your Clicks Fail to Generate Leads

Getting lots of clicks is great, but it’s not much good if those clicks are all from users who never become leads. This is a big one, because it’s sure to make your clients upset. After all, they are paying for these clicks and not getting much in return. This is one you’ll need to fix ASAP!

This could happen because:

  • You are bombarding the same prospects with too many ads.
  • Your ad is triggered by irrelevant search queries.
  • Your ad copy lacks a strong call to action (CTA).
  • Your landing page is the true problem.

The problem with poor lead generation can usually be traced back to something in your control, which is the bad news. It’s not all bad news, though, because it also means the solutions are in your control as well! Here’s what you can do to improve lead generation:

You’re spreading yourself too thin: We don’t recommend you bid on the maximum number of keywords. Instead, focus on ones most related to your products or services. This will make it easy for real leads to find your services and products.

Craft a better headline: A great headline has the power to sway your prospects. It may be time to optimize yours. It should include essential information that will encourage people to click, like the keyword they searched, pricing, and exciting discounts.

Use a strong CTA: The headline isn’t the only thing that matters. Your call-to-action (CTA) is what elicits a response and inspires customers to take action. Be sure that yours say something like, “Sign up today,” “Call us now,” or “Get a free quote today.”

The Most Common PPC Ads Problems can be Fixed by Using Compass

To truly be successful with PPC, it takes a lot of attention to detail, dedication, and constant monitoring. You don’t have time to do nothing but focus on PPC ads, and with the right tools at your disposal you don’t have to. The workload can be significantly reduced with smart data-driven analytics, provided to you by Compass by White Shark Media.

Your competition is fierce, and mistakes are not always forgiven. Instead of risking losing your client, bring in our white labeled PPC management solution. When you begin using Compass to improve PPC sales, your agency can take advantage of a wide range of resources, from PPC audits to proposals to performance reports to case studies to a collateral library and beyond.