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How to Choose a White Label Agency for PPC

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago Sales Enablement

You want to expand your reach to new clients and remind your audiences that your digital marketing agency offers top-notch PPC products and services. This is easier said than done, though, right? Well, actually, with the right help, it is pretty simple to do. You see, there are white label agencies for PPC who are willing to do much of the hard work and give you access to their software and collateral, while letting you get all the credit. This means your client gets the digital marketing service they need, and you get the success they expect. Everyone wins!

What is a White Label Agency for PPC?

Before we go any further, let’s first stop and discuss exactly what this agency is and will do for your team.

White label PPC is a product and a service. A B2B company, such as your agency, can buy, rebrand, and resell the PPC management service as their own.

White label PPC services can include PPC sales pitches, campaigns, reports, consultancy services, and much more. Essentially, what this all means is that you have access to expertly-managed digital advertising services that you can resell under your brand to local businesses.

Many companies take advantage of white label offerings, not just digital marketing agencies. Have you ever been shopping in Target and noticed they have their own brand of just about everything, from shoes to shredded cheese? They don’t have their own clothing designers, livestock, factories, and manufacturing plants. They buy these products from white label B2B companies and rebrand the products with their own label.

This same mindset can apply to your marketing agency and your PPC services! Here’s an example to show how it works:

White Label PPC Services

See- it’s simple! The only thing left to do now is not only find a white label agency for PPC, but find the best one.

What Should a White Label Agency for PPC Offer You?

You need more than just someone willing to work under your brand name. After all, if this is going to have your name on it, you need to stand behind their work. You don’t want any team or tools, you want the best of the best! This entails these three important offerings:

1. Proposal Generato

Before you can go any further, you need to actually sell your services. What are they missing out on right now? What can you do for them in the future? You need a rock-solid proposal, and that’s precisely what a proposal generator delivers for you.

Your white label agency for PPC should offer custom PPC account proposals that include account audits, takeover strategies, competitor research, market opportunities, and even budget recommendations. You’re not guessing or hoping you know the correct next steps for them. It’s all backed up by data! Now is the time to show them.

2. Collateral Library

Access to a completely white-labeled library of PPC optimization tools is absolutely essential. This means full access to case studies, Google and Microsoft vertical trends, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and much more.

Because this collateral library is white labeled, everything you show your end client will have your name, brand, logo, colors, and anything else needed to make it yours. They see fantastic past work done by your PPC team; you know it was done with a bit of help. All the support you need to sell your PPC services can be found in one place- Compass!

PPC Library

3. Sales consultations

It’s not all smooth sailing. Sometimes, your sales team will need to answer questions about PPC and deal with pretty tough objections to your services. How will they handle it?

Objections to Solutions: Selling PPC

The right white label agency for PPC gives you more than just access to software and collateral. You also need to be in close contact with PPC sales consultations who will help you confidently address all those potential questions and concerns.

Sales consultations allow your team to easily and confidently navigate through the common hang-ups and issues that many agencies experience when they’re learning how to sell or upsell PPC services.

The right tool is more than just data. You want access to the industry experts behind all those numbers! This way, your team is able to rely on real-life practical expertise.

Which White Label Agency for PPC is Right for You?

We know that when you do a bit of due diligence and look at your options, you will decide that White Shark Media is the right white label PPC team for you! With the right white label agency for PPC, you are no longer doing this all on your own! The team at White Shark Media has well over ten years of experience selling and providing PPC services, and we share our expert knowledge with you.

The collateral library found in Compass is only the beginning of what we offer you! When you need help getting started, we offer a proposal generator and PPC account performance audits. Sales consultations are there for when your team needs a little coaching.

All you need to do is contact us and request a demo. We can’t wait to show you what we can do for you!