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How to Choose a PPC Optimization Tool

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago PPC Updates

Your clients want and need PPC (pay-per-click) services. Digital marketing is highly competitive. You know you need to deliver, but this is easier said than done. Not only are you battling for new clients against existing competitors, but brand new competing agencies enter the industry every day. Bringing in new clients and keeping them for the long term may seem like an impossible pipedream sometimes. We are here to tell you that it is not! Thanks to PPC optimization tools, excelling in the digital marketing industry is not so far-fetched of an idea after all.

PPC management is a lot easier for you when done with an optimization tool. The question is- which one? There are many products out there, all claiming to be the best. This makes it difficult to choose a PPC optimization tool. We’re here to help!

Choose a PPC Optimization Tool

PPC optimization tools are software solutions designed to make managing your campaigns easier and less time-consuming. There are many PPC management tools available to optimize your PPC campaigns. If you want to see the maximum results possible, which means an easier day for you and a happier client, you want to use the right tool. Your goal is to choose a PPC optimization tool that makes this possible. Here’s what you’re looking for:

1. It is specifically designed to help you close more sales

Your agency needs more sales. The right PPC optimization tool not only makes this possible, but actually easy.

You’re looking for a sales enablement solution that is specifically designed to help your team close more deals. How will it accomplish this? For one, this tool should show you account opportunities easily taken advantage of to show success. By using the right tool, your sales team can shorten processes by generating audits and proposals. It will also make it easier to train your teams and leverage experts’ experience through consultations.

Increase Your Ad Rank and Quality Score on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

2. The tool is fully white labeled

You don’t want someone else taking credit for what you’re doing for your client. The right PPC optimization tool is fully white labeled, meaning your client only sees your name, colors, logo, and other branding materials. They’ll be thrilled with the hard work you’ve done and the results you’ve been able to achieve.

Increase Your Ad Rank and Quality Score on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

3. There’s many resources available in a single tool

This tool is only going to feel right if it’s able to do a lot for you, not just help with audits or show results on the dashboard. You need a tool that works just as hard as you do! Imagine a PPC tool that generates proposals, helps with onboarding new clients, has a collateral library with white labeled case studies, gives you access to a simple to use ROI calculator, delivers proposal walkthroughs, offers monthly progress reports, and more.

This isn’t just possible, this is the only thing you should accept. Anything less than everything you need is simply not good enough!

4 It’s helps with every step of the PPC journey

PPC isn’t a one and done thing. First, you need to offer a proposal to potential clients. This is typically done with a PPC audit of their current effort, showing them past success stories in the form of case studies, and a bit of sales know-how. Once they’re on board, you’ll need access to tools like monthly reports and a ROI calculator. Your performance reports should be easily made into PDF files so everyone has access to how great your team is doing.

The right PPC tool isn’t just helpful some of the time; it’s helpful all of the time!

5. It saves you time

Isn’t this what it is all about after all? Time is money! This is the core reason why marketing agencies like yours invest in PPC optimization tools. The right tool means you’ll spend less time bogged down with every small task and more time monitoring and managing campaigns. What can you do with more time in your day? How about scratching more tasks off of your to-do list? You’ll certainly think of something! You’ll be able to focus on the areas of marketing that are most important and save the small, tedious tasks for your PPC optimization tool to handle.

Compass: The Right PPC Optimization Tool for You

You’re looking for not just any PPC optimization tool, but the best one. This means finding new opportunities to improve your PPC campaigns and achieve better results, plus improve your marketing ROI and build a stronger presence in the search results pages.

You’re looking for the right tool for your organization, which means delivering on effective sales enablement. We know that when you do your due diligence and begin your search, you’ll find that Compass by White Shark Media is the one for you.

Compass is a sales enablement platform that we are proud to call our own. We have been developing this PPC management tool for years so we could produce a final product that is truly one of the best in the industry, which is exactly what we were able to achieve. Compass is sure to meet your needs in an ever-evolving digital market.

Your name is on the line, and we’re right there with you. Compass is designed to reduce errors, increase profits, and exceed your clients’ expectations. It’s designed to be easy to set up and start using. When you begin using Compass to improve PPC sales, your agency can take advantage of a wide range of resources. After a quick demo and explanation, your marketing agency will have the most effective resources to build your strategies for selling and fulfilling PPC services.