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How a Professional PPC Consultant Can Help You Drive Sales in 2021

Antonella Saravia 3 years ago Sales Consultation
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Did you ever get a tutor before a big exam? If you did, you know that this was an excellent opportunity to work with someone who knew the subject matter and how you could get beyond some of those issues that were holding you back. 

Just like those tutors, PPC consultants provide guidance and specialized insights to businesses through an open dialogue between your PPC sales team and theirs. 

A PPC consultation will allow your agency’s sales team to address any concerns or problems they may have with pitches, objections, and strategies. You can dive right into the details and discover new opportunities or campaign adjustments without compromising confidential information. 

Has your team hit a wall while selling PPC services or products? If so, keep reading.

How A PPC Consultant Can Help Your Game

PPC Management agency should have experience selling PPC and partnering with marketing agencies. This allows White Label PPC Agencies offering consultations to test every element of the selling, proposal, and closing processes. They should provide solutions to customers who need the knowledge base to produce profitable sales. 

Some of the most common frustrations of digital marketing agencies include identifying PPC prospects, prospecting and pitching, finding ways to increase performance, and several other nagging issues. 

Identifying PPC Prospects

In earlier posts, we’ve mentioned how important it is to define each stage of your sales process. Many agencies overlook this exercise and are unprepared for the hiccups of any particular stage. 

Creating a Prospecting Action Plan

When you understand your potential customers’ behavior at every level of the funnel, you can change your efforts accordingly. The deeper down the funnel, the greater the interest the client likely has in your offerings. The discussion for prospects at the top of the funnel, though, will focus on more granular points as you move down the funnel. 

This understanding is an integral part of the sales process because it prepares you for conversations from the start. Do you know where to find your leads? Do you know how to narrow down their interest level? 

Professional PPC consultants can show you how to do this as effectively as possible. PPC experts help set the right filters in place so that your team can move on to effective prospecting and pitching. 

Address Prospecting and Pitching

When PPC consultants evaluate that first filter, they can discover the concerns holding your team back. Though they eventually get into specific questions, such as, “We recently approached a custom jewelry business. Is this a good PPC client?” the most common questions at this point are:

  • Do you have any ideas for filling up our pipeline? 
    • An agency’s pipeline represents its growth opportunities. Often agencies inquire about enriching an existing prospecting model. Our consulting services work with agencies to optimize these methods. However, if an agency is new and doesn’t have a prospecting model, we help create a straightforward and effective process to fill up their pipeline and get them started.
  • How can we warm up a lead? 
    • After an agency reaches out to prospects, they will often receive requests for more information. Many times, potential clients lose interest after this initial step. Our consultations help combat this initial stage with talking points, tips, and selling points for more engaging interactions that will move prospects further down the funnel. 
  • How much should we charge for our PPC services?
    • For news agencies, especially those not familiar with commercial pricing, fee-based questions are common. Every business needs to determine the most profitable way to package its services to find its sweet spot in pricing. Some examples are flat rates, a percentage model, a hybrid of flat rates, and percentage-based management fees.
  • How can I effectively cross-sell PPC to my existing customer base?
    • Many digital marketing agencies that are doing well with their core competencies (web development, graphic design, etc.) eventually consider adding PPC to their portfolio. Their current clients are, naturally, their first PPC prospects. Since they already know you, they’re the “low-hanging fruit.” Together, we evaluate each client and develop an approach strategy to cross-sell PPC and add to their digital mix.

Walking through each of these questions can help spot small errors in your process that will impact your ability to close sales. 

Nagging Issues

Experience helps provide the right perspective for everyday issues. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff, but remember that the small stuff adds up. 

Here are some issues that you will learn to handle quickly and easily with a PPC consultant on your side:

Do your pitches run smoothly until you arrive at pricing? Your team may not be communicating the value of its services in the initial stages. Pricing is a common objection in marketing. Combat it early on when you’re walking through any features and services by highlighting the benefits they will bring.

Are your teams getting ghosted? If you have identified the buying stage and this continues to happen, prioritize the relationship with your leads to establish rapport to stop this from happening. Though there are many reasons why this occurs, knowing how to handle client relationships can prevent this and reduce wasted resources. 

Are your teams continually being asked for more information? Review this with an expert to pinpoint where you’re missing data and, most importantly, where. The right information in the appropriate moment will leave your prospects feeling confident in your abilities to grow their business and help them meet their goals. 

New Ways to Increase Performance

Strategies to Grow Your Clients' Businesses

PPC consultants can help you find ways to grow this side of your business. Some suggestions that you may expect to hear are:

  • Add new campaigns to improve the overall strategy.  
  • Add new products like Microsoft Advertising to your PPC strategy. A new platform or setting can help you expand your reach and connect to a more interested audience.
  • Adding budget to an active campaign

Learn how to identify these opportunities. Provide and offer new features, tips, and tricks to your clients no matter what season or industry they find themselves in. The more you know, the better your offer. 

If you’re interested in more involvement, white-label ppc is also available to take the load off. You’ll receive your strategies, proposals, and monthly reports all packaged under your brand. 


PPC consultations help close sales. Our PPC experts share their confidence and knowledge with your sales teams and equip your representatives with the resources and strategies they need to leverage tools and insights to meet your customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Interested in a PPC sales consultation? Reach out to one of our representatives to tap into each one of the benefits mentioned above. You’ll learn more about our White Shark Media Compass features what it can offer your agency and PPC sales team.