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How To Make PPC Sales More Efficient In An Enterprise Agency

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Enablement

Sales teams, strategies, and processes have evolved. Now, consumers naturally and immediately seek out recommendations, reviews, case studies, and suggestions on almost every purchase. This means that sales managers in enterprise agencies must also evolve to address this behavior and close more deals.

Enterprise agencies should have a solid sales strategy in place. Why? Because it becomes a replicable process that results in scalability.

Knowing what to find in a sales enablement platform is critical to this process because it will help you streamline strategies and improve churn rates, consistency and profit margins, and, most importantly, build a more robust sales department with clearly defined sales processes.

Let’s Go Deep…

What Is A Sales Enablement Strategy?

A complete sales enablement strategy includes the platforms, resources, and collateral the team needs to close sales effectively. When all these elements are in place, sales managers can customize each tool to streamline their processes and effectively target the ideal buyer personas.

Many label it as “sales onboarding,” but, if we look closer at the process, it should be apparent that this is an ongoing process vital to a company’s sales success, not something that ends once a client is on board.

Sales enablement integrates content, training, and ongoing development with cutting-edge technology and platforms to increase sales and productivity.

Why Your Enterprise Needs It To Succeed

Every company has different needs, which means they will approach a sales enablement strategy differently. However, every enterprise needs a sustainable strategy and consistent processes that will help them get the most from their efforts.

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Did you know that “nearly 65 percent of a sales account manager’s time is spent doing non-revenue-driving activities?” – Forbes


A PPC sales enablement tool makes it easier for your sales team to close deals faster and more efficiently. When your sales department knows exactly what resources they have available at their fingertips, they feel more confident with every approach. They have a bank of sales messaging, content, and channels to engage a prospect, drive sales and build revenue.

This is particularly useful when the sales team faces the same questions again and again, such as: ”where do I find this?” or ”how do I do that?” or “what industry benchmarks are there?” When you can quickly and automatically answer these types of questions, it makes it easier to shorten the sales cycle.

In-house Content & Strategy

It creates a seamless sales and marketing synergy while helping the marketing team develop account-focused strategies and resources for the sales department, including competitive battle cards and objection handling guides.

Sales Enablement Needs Analysis

Increased ROI

It creates a more focused and driven sales dynamic. Enterprises that employ these strategies and tools see a 12 percent higher win rate than those that don’t use sales enablement. So, if your company objectives are not being reached or have room for improvement, then it’s time to leverage a sales enablement platform.

The PPC sales enablement process increases your team’s ability to close more sales and convert more leads.

Ongoing Training & Development

Many companies find it challenging to develop a structured training program for their sales department that is scalable and up-to-date. An effective sales enablement strategy makes it easier to use the most current content, messaging and delivery methods, even as trends evolve within the industry.Easy access to this kind of training and guidance is crucial to take advantage of hot leads.

Best Practices for PPC Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is constantly evolving and requires a company to be on top of it to provide the best outcome for your sales department.


1. Integrate Compatible Sales Enablement

Make sure all technology and people are working together. Delivering a consistent experience across the client lifecycle is crucial to prolonging client satisfaction and keeping them on board.

It’s all about the attitude. The team’s approach combined with good sales enablement support gives everyone the ability to quickly adapt to the current strategy, put all the available resources to good use, and make the right sale to the right client.

2. Skill Development

Closing deals require modern sales enablement strategies and, therefore, professional skills, discipline, and flexibility, and teamwork. Hire based on this curriculum mindset and see your department prosper.

3. Communication

Internal communication is critical because you can utilize sales input to improve marketing and keep everyone aligned with the needs of the sales department.

Scheduling frequent meetings between your marketing and sales departments will make sales enablement go further than you expect.

Close More Deals With a Sales Enablement Platform

With sales enablement being a pretty new approach, not every company knows how leveraging an excellent platform with resources can take their sales department to another level.

At White Shark Media, we’re pioneers in the field and know what it takes to help businesses grow and scale by implementing effective sales strategies.

Leverage a platform within your sales tech stack to your advantage that can quickly execute Most aspects of your sales process by supporting time wasted on researching sales content.

If your enterprise agency offers PPC, then you’re in for a treat because Compass was created with you in mind to facilitate your sales processes and grow your sales team. So, let us tell you more about it!