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Keeping Streams of PPC Account Growth Alive Using PPC Services

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago Sales Consultation

The ability to effectively expand PPC client accounts is what separates stagnant agencies from fast-growing agencies. Upselling is an integral part of an agency business model as it benefits mutual growth for you and your client by adding to their PPC services.

“It’s more cost-effective to acquire additional business from an established client than a new business.”

Leveraging the right PPC tools and resources to establish consistent PPC account growth is one area a digital marketing agency must focus heavily on. Even more important is knowing where to find potential upsells within current PPC services, and how to be successful at closing one.

Identifying PPC Account Growth Opportunities

The first easiest step you can take is segmenting your book of business using the following categories:

PPC Account Growth Opportunities

Other areas to make a note of when going through your client accounts:

Benefits of Taking Small Steps with Clients

Not every client has the marketing budget to go head over heels with a retainer and management fee that apply to acquiring professional digital marketing management. Ideally, you should give the client a taste of success from starting with a small investment, and naturally, they’ll come back wanting more.

You can enhance well-performing search campaigns with display campaigns by asking the client for more budget. Another option is, exploring other PPC marketing platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads is a great way to replicate a strategy already working well for their business.

Upselling Essentials: 4 Upsell Tips to Maximize Revenue


Frequent communication such as scheduling monthly or bi-weekly calls is necessary to build up a rapport and increase the likelihood of success at PPC account growth. Stay in touch regularly with clients and keep your ears open to opportunity is your best bet at pitching the right PPC services upsell at the right time.

When to Upsell

When planning for client account growth, work the upsell into a check-in meeting and make it an agenda item to discuss so that the client is aware beforehand and it doesn’t come as a sudden surprise.

You can also bring the topic up in prior meetings to pre-condition them to agree to PPC account expansion. Let them know you have been brainstorming opportunities and would like to discuss them as highly beneficial to their business and PPC account growth.

Who Should Upsell PPC Services?

Having the appropriate person pitch an upsell is crucial to a successful outcome. Consider who has built a more trustworthy relationship with the client or requires more than one person to present a PPC account growth strategy.

Most commonly, it would be the account manager since they are closely managing performance and know exactly how to position the opportunity. However, including the sales manager if they’re maintaining a relationship with the client will only boost chances of gaining the upsell.

Is Return On Investment Involved?

PPC account growth will not just happen based on a great relationship; the trust in a client giving you more money also comes from proving investment in PPC worthwhile by showcasing ROI data that supports business growth.

If you are mindful of the clients’ initial goals and if the strategy in place has fulfilled them accordingly, it will convince them that it is safe to raise the bar higher and continue on PPC investment.

Resources When Proposing an Upsell


The rule of thumb is to ensure you have a clear picture ready to present to the client when wanting to grow their PPC account. Ensure you base it on costs, results, and time frame that create a cohesive, realistic, and promising strategy.

Case Studies

Use case studies to support your strategy and offer credibility. Showcasing success from other businesses like theirs will drive an easy upsell of ppc services.

ROI Projection

One of the essential data points to present and what most business owners are looking for when making a business decision. Show current investment and return to plug it into a projection for the client, enabling you to give them a three-tier option of cost and potential results.


Know the clients’ needs before they do, and they’ll trust that anything you propose is worthwhile because you have demonstrated you are vested in the success of their PPC account growth.

Setting Expectations

Once your client agrees to the upsell, make sure you set clear expectations with them. This will ensure they have no surprises down the road and conserves the relationship you have established.

Performance Timeframe

Setting a clear timeframe and going over the process of including new campaigns will give the client peace of mind on their recent investment because they’ll have an idea of when to expect results.


Set the expectation that they must be prepared to commit to a minimum of three months with new campaigns to see optimal results and PPC account growth.

Contingency Strategies

Do not settle with just presenting one strategy; offer a plan of action within your proposal to provide other options should performance trends head in another direction.

It’s always good to present contingency plans to clients and common scenarios experienced with other clients. Giving them the confidence that you have additional strategies in case performance goes south is essential to the trust you have established with the client, and any future upsell opportunities.

KPI Changes

Adding new campaigns will make the avg. CPC fluctuates, so make sure you explain any KPI changes during the first few months of the upsell.

Some clients get very comfortable with where their KPIs currently are and can worry if they deviate. You must explain that this may happen in the first 2-3 weeks until the new campaigns have had a chance to be tested, time to perform, and data acquired to optimize appropriately.

Everyone Wins

Upselling clients is essential for all agencies and quickly accomplished overtime if you offer a valuable partnership.

You acquire more revenue, and your clients get business and PPC account growth. That’s the ideal scenario an agency could hope to support its success in the digital marketing industry.

If you are still trying to get the hang of spotting opportunities like a pro and want to add another stream of growth for your agency, we are here to help. Let’s meet up and take a look at how you can be taking advantage of your book of business including your ppc services.