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How to Overcome Cross-channel Measurement Challenges

Lauren Lawson 3 years ago PPC Audits

The need for proper tracking and reports for PPC has been paramount for management efforts for quite some time, now. This is especially true when budgets are getting tighter while performance expectations keep getting higher.

It’s no secret that consistent measurement has been a struggle and challenge for all advertisers and agencies out there, even with years of digital marketing experience.

The most efficient way to battle these challenges is through cutting-edge platforms and tools that provide the analysis and reporting capabilities you need to measure your cross-channel marketing strategies.

What Is Cross-Channel Measurement?

You can support ROI growth by tracking and measuring your cross-channel efforts. It allows you to deduce the best channels to allocate a budget and enhance digital marketing performance.

What is Cross-Channel Marketing

However, many advertisers are still trying to learn the best methods to measure cross-channel marketing.

The most effective and accurate methodology involves gathering different perspectives to get the best view on performance. Reviewing more than one set of measurements can help determine the best metric to use when measuring performance across a number of channels.

Cross-Channel Measurement On Demand

A Nielsen report found that the average American adult spends around 80 hours a week on media consumption, which will continue to rise as we become more and more dependent on technology.

Media Connected consumers

Marketing budgets are always under the microscope, even more so now with the ongoing pandemic, the limitations of cookies, and data segmentation.

There are some significant challenges with cross-channel measurement, but also many effective solutions. Consider the following:


Personakization is key to winning business

The Right Advertising Message

Creating customized experiences is the name of the game when it comes to cross-channel marketing. What becomes problematic is maintaining continuity even when delivering a personalized experience to audiences.

A definitive solution, in this case, would be to define how to keep messaging in line throughout all channels to ensure your marketing strategy is engaging audiences in the right way.

Multiple Channel Management

Let’s face it, managing multiple channels at once is no walk in the park. It requires knowing your audiences and when, where, and how they use media to acquire information. It is key to determining the best strategies and increasing sales performance for your clients’ accounts.

An excellent way to tackle this challenge is by creating buyer personas. This will save time and money when allocating the marketing budget because it can give you a perfect roadmap to cut straight to the marketing strategies that work for each channel.

Advertising Cost

Customization doesn’t come cheap. When it comes to delivering the right message to the right person and at the right time, automation is not always the answer and it requires a human touch.

Tracking becomes paramount in analyzing your ROI objectives and has a direct impact on cross-channel performance, which means you need an efficient campaign management tool to keep the costs for additional resources used in cross-channel reporting and management to a minimum.

Pro-tip: Use the 80-20 rule. Set up messaging so that 80 percent of advertising reflects a business’s message and 20 percent speaks to its audiences.

Cross-platform Measurement

So how should cross-channel marketing be measured?

Cross Platform Strategy

Analyze Cross-Channel Combinations

Review the channels that bring in the most value and gain accurate insights so you can allocate your efforts and budget more effectively. By analyzing your cross-channel strategy, you can begin painting a better picture for attribution modeling.

Set Benchmarks

Establish benchmarks to compare cross-channel progress. Having visibility on where a business stands within the competitive realm helps with innovation and creativity to keep your strategies in play.

One KPI Across Channels

It is still extremely messy to calculate ROI value, especially when more than two channels are involved. Instead, we recommend focusing on conversion rates. Analyzing conversion rate trends can help you adjust your strategy to better suit an audience segment.

Proving New Channel Efficacy

Where is online marketing off to next? With new PPC channels emerging all the time, most advertisers are left struggling to adapt and develop new cross-channel marketing strategies. Marketing budget allocation and personalization of advertisements will depend heavily on analyzing and reporting on cross-channel marketing efficiently.

With new challenges such as a cookieless digital world and multi-channel management, marketing leaders will have to re-evaluate their digital marketing tactics across channels and acquire efficient martech to support cost-effective marketing and reliable reporting.

Supporting your PPC cross-channel measurements doesn’t have to be rocket science when you partner with a platform and tools that can give you back the time you need to focus on other channels. We’d be happy to walk you through how.