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Prospect PPC Proposals in a “We Need it Yesterday!” Timeframe

Chelsey Fox 2 years ago Proposal Generator

If your sales team is trying to sell services to new PPC (pay-per-click) prospects, and they absolutely should be, a proper PPC proposal will be one of the most important services you acquire. In this blog, we’ll go over what PPC proposals are and why automated PPC proposals can be incredibly helpful, and how to go about getting them.

What is a PPC Proposal?

Before we can go any further, let’s first discuss what PPC proposals are. At its core, it’s not a complicated concept. A PPC proposal is a document used by an agency like yours where the sales team aims to persuade the prospective client to sign a contract to purchase its service. It outlines what your business does and exactly what solution you propose to the client to help them meet their end goals.

Your PPC proposal should be thorough, as it must present all of the vital information a client needs for approval of your services. It needs to define what exactly you are going to do for them. Your team needs to produce a PPC sales pitch that addresses your clients’ pain points, highlights your abilities, and provides a foundation for your strategies. It should include search volume, keywords, competitor information, and more.

Gaining Competitive Edge Through PPC

One of the great things about PPC is that it’s all backed by accurate numbers; there’s no guesswork involved. This data absolutely must be included in your proposal to impress those you are pitching to. They don’t want to hear “I think…” or “We guess…” They want to see the numbers and keywords easily for anyone to digest.

How Automated PPC Proposals Will Help Your Sales Team

Your proposal is the first step toward closing a sale. As their leader, you want to ensure they have all the resources needed to optimize every pitch and shorten the entire sales process. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and losing money.

Your PPC sales strategy requires a top-notch PPC proposal. That being said, you don’t always have a lot of time to put one together.

What do you do when next week or even tomorrow isn’t quick enough?
How will your sales team respond when someone says, “We want a PPC proposal, and we want it yesterday”?

In a crisis like this, you’ll be thankful for access to high-quality automated PPC proposals.

It isn’t uncommon for a PPC proposal to be a large document, even 30 pages in length. Your sales team can’t be expected to come up with something this substantial on the fly- if they’re working alone, that is. Your team needs technology to make these proposals a breeze to produce. With a bit of information put in by your team, the software does the rest! The end result is a winning proposal, done in minutes instead of hours or days.

If you take too long to produce your proposals, you’re risking losing out to a more efficient agency. This industry is incredibly competitive. If you can’t do it in a time frame the client expects, someone else will. You can count on that!

Automated PPC Proposals Made Easy with Compass

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming for you and your sales team, we have great news. Compass has an automated PPC proposals service that makes this incredibly easy! Use our white-label PPC Proposal Generator to quickly and easily create custom proposals that include account audits, takeover strategies, competitor research, market opportunities, budget recommendations, and more.

Compass PPC proposal services

That’s right- our automated PPC proposals are white-labeled! This means when you pitch Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising products with Compass by White Shark Media, all your potential client sees is your logo, colors, and branding. They’ll recognize your hard work as yours and yours alone!

You can use Compass to pitch, sell, and provide PPC on a new level. Our digital marketing service makes it easy to produce crisp, clean, and complete proposals for every one of your leads. You can use a customizable template to take advantage of new opportunities and share the data that converts leads to clients faster.

Objections to Solutions: Selling PPC

The Proposal Generator can help you streamline your sales process and improve your bottom line with every new client you bring on board. Using Compass means you can generate PPC proposals in a matter of minutes! You will be able to see precisely what an effective PPC proposal looks like before developing your own.

Our specialists can work with you to ensure that your team is getting the most out of every feature of Compass. It’s important to note that while the Compass Proposal Generator will save your sales team countless amounts of time and stress, it does so much more. You’ll also equip your PPC sales team with high-performing materials for prospect meetings because these proposals can pull together all the information you need to close the deal. This includes:

  • Target Location
  • Search Volume
  • Keywords
  • Competitors
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Lead Projections

Compass Is The Complete Package

The Proposal Generator is just one feature of Compass that can help grow your agency. Compass also includes a collateral library, sales courses, PPC sales consultations, and more. Together, these elements form a powerful sales enablement platform that can help you optimize your processes. The end result is exciting growth at your agency.

It’s well past time that you provide your sales team with all of the resources they need to succeed, including the ability to make PPC proposals that will help them convert leads quickly. Are you ready to learn all you can about White Shark Media’s Compass? Let’s go through the platform together.