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5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Leverage A PPC Collateral Library

Lauren Lawson 2 weeks ago Collateral Library

Aligning your sales process and buyers’ journey can be a challenge but have you ever considered that having PPC sales collateral at hand for your sales team can make a world of difference?

Do you already have PPC sales collateral made available to them, yet they fail to use it?

Let’s talk about a few tips that will engage your sales team with PPC sales enablement tools, but first, let’s review a little about PPC sales collateral.

What Is PPC Sales Collateral?

PPC sales collateral serves to complement your sales process and support your sales team to convert prospects to clients by delivering the right content to the right phase in the buyers’ journey.

PPC sales enablement is a solid component to equip your sales team to build a strong rapport with prospects and convert them to loyal clients.

PPC Sales Collateral = PPC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement for B2B

The PPC Sales Collateral Library

We realized that keeping relevant content at hand and easy to find not only helped our sales teams engage prospects but convert them at a faster rate. With this experience, we created our PPC Sales Collateral Library in Compass. We made it ready as a sales enablement tool available for other digital marketing agencies who sell PPC to take advantage of.

All-in-One PPC Marketing Platform for Sales Enablement

Empowering Your Sales Process

Having a sales collateral library at hand with numerous resources for PPC, such as one-page infographics, case studies, decks, and more, can easily support you with a practical and productive sales process.

Benefits for a Sales Process include:

Benefits fos sales process

Why Isn’t Your Team Leveraging PPC Sales Collateral?

It can be frustrating when your sales team cannot be resourceful enough to procure their own sales collateral through a bit of research. Let’s face it; it’s inefficient because they waste time they could otherwise be spending on engaging with prospects.

Consider the many possibilities of the lack of usage of a PPC collateral library:

  • The format of the content is not sales friendly
  • Unaware they have content available to them
  • The content library is outdated
  • The repository is unorganized and specific content is hard to locate

Here are five ways you can engage your sales team with PPC sales collateral:

1. Consult Your Team

Make sure that your content library is founded on the needs and feedback from your sales team. It will save you time and promote higher use from your sales team.

By supporting your sales team with the information they need, they will close deals faster. This proves the concept that marketing and sales teams must work hand in hand to make a library successful.

Marketing and sales alignment by seniority

2. Train On Use of Library

Do you utilize something you do not understand in its entirety? DO you have the patience and time to learn how to do so? I thought so.

By providing training through guides, demos, or group sessions, you enable your sales team to feel confident in leveraging PPC sales collateral.

3. Easy Access and Categorization

The last thing you need when trying to locate what you need in the given moment you’re dealing with a prospect is taking too long or not finding what you want.

Having content readily available through the cloud in an organized library where you can search with specific keywords will get your sales team to buy in utilizing your library more often.

Be sure to analyze and discuss with your sales team how they search for content to continue innovating and modifying your library categorization.

4. All-in-One

Suppose you have other resources made available to your sales team. In that case, it’s best to ensure you centralize everything into a PPC sales enablement platform that can allow them to utilize all tools to support them in closing a deal.

5. Keep Your Sales Collateral Updated

This one tends to become a challenge for many agencies that do not count on a resource to keep a PPC sales library updated with new and trending content. It is a must to keep a PPC sales collateral library fresh to support its continuous use.

White Label PPC Sales Collateral

Undoubtedly, investing in PPC sales collateral is a strategic move any agency should incorporate into its blueprint to achieve objectives.

Making available a robust sales enablement platform to your sales team that provides relevant and up-to-date content for PPC can help drive the right revenue stream for you.

Supplement your sales process and clients’ buying journey with sales enablement tools to increase your close rates and manage sales engagement effortlessly with Compass. See what’s in-store with a robust sales enablement platform where PPC tools have been engineered by an agency that was once in your shoes.