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5 Signs Your Sales Team Need Sales Enablement Tools

Antonella Saravia 3 years ago Sales Enablement

Great content drives sales, but it doesn’t end there.

That’s just a start.

Content must be updated continuously and adequately packaged for new or returning viewers. This practice ensures that it is confidently delivered by your sales teams and received well by your potential customer.

When this doesn’t happen, sales cycles slow down and deals fall apart. White Shark Media developed sales enablement tools with this dilemma in mind. We made it easy to give your team access to all the important sales collateral that empowers sales personnel and addresses doubts quickly.

The industry is constantly in flux, and PPC strategists face many common obstacles every day. We’ve summarized the five most common hang-ups that PPC sales teams face when they lack the expertise required to close deals. Read up on some of the common pitfalls that may be getting in the way of your immediate and long-term success, and what you could do about them.

#1 Your team isn’t closing deals.

If teams are pitching PPC on a regular basis, but they can’t manage to close anything, there’s a problem. This can create a pause in the sales process, and that is usually an indication that teams need more resources and support.

Suppose your team continues to meet with potential clients but can’t seem to close deals. You can address this particular issue with various features in a sales enablement tool like White Shark Media’s Compass.

The first solution is to access in-depth courses to train your sales team on important features and specialized strategies. These Sales & PPC courses result in improved performance and better results. The easy access to information helps partners reference information at their convenience.

Another more particular solution is consulting with our experts. These meetings can help your team identify where they are getting hung up. Seasoned strategists will be able to flag the possible scenarios that may be causing doubts in your value proposition. Speaking to an expert can get you to focus on a solution rather than guessing about your next move.

#2 Your team takes too long to close a PPC deal.

Delays in addressing questions and drops in communication can frustrate a client. Each stage has its window of opportunity, and time is of the essence in the process.

Access to sales enablement tools that automate audits, proposals, and custom collateral will save your team hours of work and planning. At WSM, when we started doing live audits over the phone, rather than taking 24-48 hours to respond. This practice caused our closing rates to skyrocket.

Insights like these come about with experience. Preparing your team with the process will help them determine where clients are in the sales process and what they need to provide on their end to keep moving forward.

Sales Consultations with experts can help teams recognize indicators that create delays. Minor details can help pinpoint where your team is failing to meet an expectation. Perhaps your team isn’t sure:

  • When to reveal the budget
  • How to communicate the value proposition or position your agency vs. competitors
  • How to challenge outdated thinking

The right sales enablement tool can provide the collateral (pipeline reviews, proposal walkthroughs, pitch growth strategies, and more) to increase your closing rate.

#3 Your sales team lacks the expertise in PPC knowledge to efficiently pitch the product.

Your team’s understanding of your products is essential for today’s PPC pitches. Technology is constantly evolving, as are digital products, consumer behavior, and search engine algorithms.

It is an agency’s responsibility to provide the training to keep teams informed on products’ features and benefits. This forward-thinking can impact a client’s decision to close.

White Shark Media’s Compass offers several entry points to Google and Microsoft platforms for your sales team. Brush up on search engine campaign features at your convenience with streaming courses or access updated sales collateral at the drop of a hat. Reference the Collateral Library for vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and more to pitch or upsell Google and Microsoft products.

#4 Your team struggles and misuses resources/technical skills to close bigger deals.

Great sales enablement tools will provide the technical support to make your sales team look like expert PPC strategists. Leverage data and expertise to tweak your process and adjust to bigger deals.

Moreover, when a pitch is well out of your comfort zone, set up a Sales Consultation with PPC strategists and experts to iron out the details and make your approach bulletproof.

#5 Your clients churn pretty fast and don’t last long as clients.

If your team gets hung up on parts of the sales process, they may not have the time or resources to spend on each stage of the cycle. The sales journey takes time. It requires auditing an account, building a PPC proposal, finding collateral, etc.

Automated PPC Audits buy time for your team by providing valuable insights across all of your Google and Microsoft accounts. White Shark Media’s tool offers up to 30 performance-based recommendations and step-by-step instructions on implementing them.

Our partners leverage white-label features to brand the documents generated by the sales enablement tool and add them to their website.

Having access to approved formats and templates can save your team a boatload of time so they can focus on the customization of each deal.

Among these approved formats are proposals generated by our Proposal Engine. This feature includes keyword recommendations, competitor data, ad previews, and more so the time to complete tasks is immediately reduced. Your team can keep these proposals on file so they can address new opportunities in less time and pitch each deal with a strong foundation of data and insightful information.


Is it time for your agency to invest in sales enablement tools? If you’ve reviewed the pitfalls above and feel your team could use some help, we’ve got the solution that can address your concerns.

Reach out to one of our strategists today to learn more about our tool and how you can leverage its features to turn your deals around ASAP. Contact us for a demo today.