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3 Common Objections From Clients About PPC Services

Chelsey Fox 3 years ago Sales Consultation
Common Objections From Clients About PPC Services

You’re excited to either begin PPC or increase your PPC efforts for a client. But then… the client isn’t so excited. Oh no! Their objection, question, concern, or confusion is enough to take the wind from your sails. Do you need to put your idea away and chalk it up to a loss? Not so fast! You shouldn’t be afraid of any common objections about PPC services.

PPC sales objections are simply a natural reaction any consumer has towards a new or new-to-them service. This is simply the time before they have decided to buy into the hype, and knowing what to say to their objections is an excellent way for you to finish positioning your product above competitors. Your PPC services are a key essential to this client’s needs. You know it, and we know. Now, it’s time for the client to know it too!

The last thing you want to do is give up and admit defeat at the first sign of an objection. Instead, you should equip your sales team with resources and training to ensure they overcome PPC sales objections every time. When they can handle questions and concerns without breaking a sweat, your team looks more prepared and your client feels a lot more comfortable. Those objections will turn into excitement on their part much quicker than you can imagine!

Objection #1 “We don’t want to spend any more money!

Whether you’re just starting out or suggesting a budget increase, all they hear is that you want to spend more of their money. For some clients, this is met with a big red stop sign before you can even finish explaining the benefits of doing so. Do not be discouraged!

Objections to Solutions: Selling PPC

The best way to handle this objection is simply by going over the facts. Increasing the budget is necessary on several occasions. The average cost-to-advertise may have increased since your last budget recommendation due to new, fierce competition. Your team may think it is the right time to test a new advertising channel or network, like Bing Ads. You may have identified an opportunity to drive improved KPIs with additional ad dollars.

Whatever the reason, slowly and in simple terms explain that it’s good practice to regularly evaluate your PPC budget and in doing so, you were able to determine you can achieve improved performance with a bit more money.

Be sure to remind them that PPC is “pay per click.” If your idea doesn’t work out and few potential customers see the ads, they aren’t actually paying more. The only way they’re paying more out of their pocket is if more and more interested potential customers click on the ad. They’ll be bringing in far more revenue than they’re spending on the PPC. That’s the great thing about PPC in the first place!

Objection #2 “What data supports this?

Your sales team has given their best pitch. This client wants to make a decision based on cold, hard numbers and not emotions. That’s okay. In fact, that’s good! When you’re working with a top-tier PPC tool, you have the analytics on hand to show them anything and everything they’re looking for.

Trust between your agency and the client is vital. This is the time to impress upon them that you’re not simply guessing or hoping. You know what is being searched for and where they need to be in order to be found by the right users. You know how much money it will take to get there. You have all the data they’re looking for, because you came prepared!

Objection #3 “I’m not seeing any results from our PPC campaigns. Traditional advertising works better.

The last common objection about PPC services that we’re going to be reviewing today involves the client who simply doesn’t see the use in PPC at all. They want to stick to the old way of advertising, like they’ve done is year’s past.

First, you’ll need to know why they’re saying this. It typically boils down to one of two problems:

  • You aren’t showing them the right metrics to prove your worth
  • Your efforts haven’t been successful so far

Both of these are simple enough to fix, with a little bit of time and effort. It’s possible that your tracking is good and you can’t prove your efforts are providing value.

Ensuring tracking is set up properly is fundamental to helping your clients see the value of your services. If your team doesn’t have the ability to collect, measure, and attribute traffic and conversion actions correctly, you’ll never be able to communicate the full value of PPC to a client who is suspicious of its value.

If your client still feels that traditional channels are driving better results based on their goals, sit down together and evaluate metrics. It’s possible your efforts thus far have been a bit off the mark.

Is there a new channel you could look into? Do you need better, more focused keywords? Are their negative keywords you could add in order to eliminate some expensive traffic that isn’t converting? PPC efforts aren’t a “one and done” type thing, so if they’re not working as well as your client would like them to be right now, there’s many things your team can do to salvage the relationship.

How WSM Compass can Help with Common Objections About PPC Services

As soon as your client begins questioning your PPC service’s price, benefits, performance turnaround, and more, your team can easily clarify those concerns and move forward.

If you only take away one thing today, let it be that you and your sales team don’t need to handle this all on your own. Compass is here to help! Compass is the sales enablement tool you’ve been looking for in order to wow clients and prove your worth. Our tool was specifically designed to help your team close more deals. You can shorten processes by generating audits and proposals, train your teams with our PPC Courses, and leverage our experts’ experience through consultations.

Objections to Solutions: Selling PPC

Once they see the amazing dashboard metrics, there will be far fewer objections.