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The Digital Marketing Platform for Effective Sales Enablement

PPC Sales Enablement Platform

The All-in-One Digital Marketing Tool for Sales Readiness and Enablement

Compass will change how your marketing agency pitches, sells, and provides PPC services. Our digital marketing tool can fine-tune your business strategy, reduce time spent on training, and minimize the trial-and-error approach. It effectively shortens the entire sales process.

Turn your sales team into a selling machine by equipping them with the PPC resources they need to sell digital marketing services. It’s easy to get started with Compass, the all-in-one digital marketing tool. Soon, your team will become the savviest digital marketing sellers around.

This online marketing tool for agencies has several powerful features, including:


Connect with experts to make the most of your digital marketing opportunities. These sales consultations include live demonstrations, proposal walkthroughs, growth strategies, and co-pitching assistance. We’re here to help you close deals faster.


Our team will quickly produce clean, crisp, and complete proposals for your leads. Our internal proposals tool, and our team expertise, create client-friendly digital marketing proposals with our customizable templates. These include competitor research, market analysis, and a plan of action with a quick turnaround time.

360 Collateral

Support your team while they pitch PPC, SEO, and social media products by giving them access to updated, effective, and well-crafted documents. Our 360 Collateral Library provides every resource they need during the digital marketing-sales cycle. Kickstart your marketing efforts with these assets.

In-Depth &
Quick Quotes

Our team will generate immediate quick audits to uncover account performance, identify opportunities, and learn insightful recommendations for digital marketing accounts. If a more in-depth audit is needed, our team will also provide you with a complete overview of the accounts. This audit will ensure you take your prospects to the next level of the sales funnel.

Portal Hub

Our Partner Portal runs on our internal CRM to maximize the synergy between your agency and ours. This tool allows you to track progress, reference relevant resources for new opportunities, and request assistance during the sales process. You can also reach our experts for help whenever you need it through our Partner Portal.

Notes From Our Customers

“We have been impressed by White Shark Media’s level of ownership and ability to quickly adapt to our needs. The synergy between our teams makes us sometimes forget that we’re working with an external partner. It feels like White Shark Media’s team of experts is an extension of our own team. White Shark Media is the true definition of what a strategic partner is. You can count on their experts to work closely with you and come up with customized solutions. Their proactive approach and business intelligence make a huge difference”.

– White Label Partner

  • CTR
    improved by 45%
  • CPC
    improved by 21%
  • Conversion rate
    improvedby 35%

Popular Features

White Shark Media Takes the Bite Out of the PPC Market

“While many other forms of advertising fall in and out of fashion, it would seem White Shark Media has bet on the right one. PPC remains one of the most effective and popular marketing tools. Nygart explains,“It’s an approach that’s paying off and as the market begins to realize the need for PPC, we’re ready to share that with other agencies.”

How to Implement Pay-Per-Click the Right Way

Consumer spending comprises 70 percent of the economy. Sellers, distributors and marketers face lucrative opportunities to sell in-demand goods and services. A quick and effective way to get conversions is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, although there are risks to avoid. Here’s how businesses can generate sales through PPC.

Navigate the Digital Marketing Waters With White Shark Media’s Compass

Compass, our online marketing tool, provides everything you need to streamline and enhance how you pitch, sell, and provide digital marketing services. Make the most out of the digital marketing tool that offers training, solutions, and more. Set up a demo of Compass today and discover what these PPC resources can do for your agency.

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